7 Top Recruitment Agencies in Qatar

Whether you are looking to land your very first job or want to leave your current position and find a new one, recruitment agencies can help you take your career to the next level.

We are sure you must have heard of “recruitment agencies” but in case you haven’t let us tell you that a recruitment agency is a firm that helps other companies with the talent acquisition process and match candidates with the jobs most suitable for them.

If you want to get a job in Qatar then apart from sending out CVs through online job portals, you should also consider taking help from recruitment agencies in Qatar. There are a lot of companies that offer job consultancy in Qatar but team up with the reputable ones only if you want to avoid getting scammed.

A job recruitment company is a connection between you and your employer. They know what the employer wants and are fully able to give you a great insight into the company/interviewer which is one of the key reasons why it’s really important to team up with a recruitment agency.

You cannot just forward your resume to the recruitment agency and expect them to work hard and find a job for you. If you want to get the most out of a recruitment agency then try to build a direct relationship with them.

You must be aware that in a recruitment agency, there are some specialist recruiters who are experts at recruiting for a specific industry like there’s a special recruiter for IT jobs, a recruiter for Accounting & Finance related jobs or a recruiter for Sales & Marketing related jobs etc.

Try to find a recruiter in your area of specialization and establish a direct connection with him/her.

If you are not getting the job you are looking for then use the services of recruitment agencies for your own advantage.

A list of the top recruitment agencies in Qatar

1. Management Solutions International (MSI)

Management Solutions International (MSI), established in 1987, is one of the leading Human Resources Consultancies, with over 30 years of Multi-industry experience. Headquartered in Virginia, USA, MSI currently has 6 Branches, working with prominent Government / Semi-Government, Multi-National Companies as well as SMEs.

Our strength lies in our Consultants’ industry specialization who provide recruitment consultancy services to the clients in their respective sector. This focus allows our consultants to provide a better understanding of the supply of talent available for the specific role being recruited for. Also, because our consultants have prior industry knowledge they understand our clients’ businesses and can often offer unique perspectives that help clarify their needs and ensure better quality hiring decisions.

Address: Office No. 402, Ariane Tower, Musherib, Doha, Qatar.
Phone: +974 4416 2762
Website: https://themsigroup.com

2. Candidzone Technologies

Candidzone offers professional HR solutions to impact industry growth. Candidzone is a platform with experts in people, team and organizational assessment, development and engagement.

It provides workforce solutions, Training & Development and Project Support services to help organizations improve the way they attract, train and retains talented employees.

Our core competency is at Workforce Management to work with the client organization and partner with the team to help implement temporary/interim and long-term solutions. Candidzone works to improve the client talent acquisition program and reduce the client overall expenditure. Candidzone brings proven sources, processes and cutting-edge ideas to make the client program more successful and enhance the quality of existing performance.

Address: 9C, Al Mana Tower, Al Mana Intersection, C Ring Road, Doha-Qatar.
Phone: +974 40372807
Website: http://candidzonetech.com

3. B2C Solutions

At B2C Solutions, we are a strong believer in Human Capital and each of us should have the best. The same reasons we invest in Recruitment Intelligence for you. In the era of digital disruption, the people we work with matters more than ever.

While searching the best for you, we put ourselves in your shoes, we communicate in detail to understand the fitness rather than just asking the standard questions. We understand, every resume is a story and not just a skill mentioned on papers. It’s the attitude, the inspiration, the efforts, the learning, the growth, and the dreams. The search is always for a better life, Better Culture, Better team.

Let the experts worry for you. Let B2C Solutions find you the best, while you can manage other very important things. Due to wide exposure to the market, we have all the latest news, Developments, current affairs in the industry we are recruiting for. This research enables us to guide you through the entire process, advising you of any changes that might affect your process to save you a huge amount and time while branding your company to reach out to many more potential candidates.

Website: https://www.b2c-solutions.com

4. Vistas Global

Vistas Global is a diversified group of businesses with interests in technology (Vistas Global WLL, Momenta WLL), human capital, media (Vistas Media ME-FZ LLC), digital, food & beverage (Nushi, Haagen Dazs, Caliburger, Kamats), engineering (Vistas Security, Vistas Engineering) and real estate.

The group was founded by Suraj Thampi, an entrepreneur who pioneered the business process outsourcing concept in the Middle East in 1998. Having successfully built and sold three companies previously, Vistas is now his fourth venture in the region. In a short period of time, Vistas has emerged as one of the largest professional service companies in the region, employing over 1,300 people across 5 continents, 8 Offices and 5 Time Zones.

Address: 9th Floor, Tower 3, The Gate Mall, Doha, Qatar.
Website: http://vistasglobal.com

5. SWAN Global

Founded in 2014, SWAN is one of the largest and fastest-growing people staffing & talent solutions company in Qatar.

As a leader in staffing and talent management solutions in Qatar, Swan has the expertise to provide suitably qualified professionals, who can take your business to greater heights. With Swan as your partner, you can focus on strategic initiatives while we handle the time-consuming administrative tasks involved in staffing and recruitment. Swan team ensures staffing or recruitment of suitable candidates within 04-06 weeks.

Address: Doha, Qatar.
Phone: +974 44 55 2016
Website: https://swan.qa

6. KEO International Consultants

KEO is one of the largest globally ranked consultancies specializing in the delivery of planning, architecture, engineering, sustainability & project and construction management services.

Globally ranked, with offices spanning seven countries, we draw from the expertise of professionals from over 60 nations and experience from every major market of the globe. Our firm culture celebrates the strength of these individuals, compels engagement, fosters collaboration and recognizes mutual responsibility for success. In doing so, we’ve unlocked the creative potential and productive capacity of global expertise.

Address: C-Ring Road, at Al Mana Intersection, P O Box 18108, Doha, Qatar.
Phone: +974 4462 6400
Website: https://www.keoic.com

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