Work Site Supervisor (Removal & Installation)

Oil & Gas supporting Co.

TA Permit Mgmt experience in Petrochemical Oil/gas plants. PTW Level 2, Shall be responsible for all-inclusive but not limited to:

1. Act as Front line supervisors for executing all jobs as per agreed TA Schedule

2.Allocate and control all resources for the jobs under each Worksite supervisor in close coordination with Site Supervisor

3. Coordinate with Contractor QA/QC Supervisors for timely Inspections

4. Ensure that all activities are performed in strict compliance with the agreed TA schedule

5. Regularly monitor the flow of activities and plan/request for additional resources if required from Contractor Site Supervisors

6. Identify any potential delays and take actions in advance to avoid the same

7. Ensure strict control of all manpower under his supervision to make sure that, they are reporting for job on time, using breaks as prescribed only and are behaving in a disciplined manner as expected by QP

8. Identify any manpower related requirements like heat stress, hygiene etc and take proactive actions in coordination with Site Supervisors

9. Ensure that, all required activities are completed before filling the Pre-Inspection Check List, Fully fluent in English CV for review PTW Level-1 Passed, 25% of Work Site Supervisors to be retained till Plant Startup & Normalization, approx. 2 weeks after TA)1 supervisor to 10 Workers to be mobilized for the project.

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