Web Platform Analyst

Qatar Airways

Drive the digital direct revenue growth through supporting a digital web platform that enables the development, delivery and operation of best-in-class sales and self-servicing tools and products by working with technical and product teams to capitalize on existing platform capabilities and roll out new ones.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Document business process, objectives and technical requirements for new platform functionalities by conducting sessions with product management and other stakeholders. Establish regular exchange of information with customer-facing teams to understand customer pain points in order to channel customer experience feedback into the web platform roadmap.
  • Assess the impact of new web platform features after implementation to understand whether the expected objectives are met by collecting, reviewing and collating internal and external feedback and analytics.
  • Investigate web platform performance irregularities to identify problems by reviewing user feedback and system logs. Participate in solution definition and review with engineers and architects to ensure platform requirements are properly translated to development. Rectify and conduct testing to ensure functionality and issue is addressed.
  • Prepare and maintain web platform feature documentation as well as interface documentation for the Management.
  • Establish guidelines for qualitative and quantitative platform usage by capability and enforce these by implementing monitoring and conducting audits.
  • Develop best practices of component usage for content operations teams to ensure consistency and optimized authoring.
  • Prepare platform updates when new versions are released from vendors by reviewing changelogs and current capability utilization to identify opportunities and gaps.
  • Maintain platform user license and quota allocations to avoid exceeding contracted values, provide alerts and justification for amendments in licensing/quotas.
  • Perform other department duties related to his/her position as directed by the Head of the Department.


Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent with Minimum 4 years of job-related experience.


  • Experience in working with content management and web hosting applications Experience with operating responsive websites
  • Experience with latest web and content technologies, social media, marketing tags & tracking
  • Proven track record of working on complex website deployment or redesign projects, with multiple platform integrations
  • Previous experience in managing websites preferably in the travel industry
  • Technical acumen, understanding website operation principles.
  • Ability to work independently and apply self-learning to understand new systems and platforms.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, analytical thinking.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to act as a link between technical and value product teams.


  • Formal training and certification on content management/website software
  • Understanding and experience in agile product development
  • Hands-on experience in common web coding languages such as HTML and CSS

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