Team Leader | IKEA

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Job Description

You are a passionate and dynamic person ready for bigger scope of responsibility. You want to lead, inspire and build a strong team. You have the ability to work in a fast retail environment and able to prioritize and plan tasks to reach the targeted results. You want to create a better life for many individuals at their homes. You should have great communication and interpersonal skills and be able to work under pressure in a fast paced environment.

What’s more, we believe that you have the following knowledge, capabilities and motivation:

  • Live and share the IKEA values every day
  • Ability to work with diversity between the colleagues.
  • Strong drive, open to change/highly flexible, problem solving approach.
  • Experience of working in a fast-paced and commercial environment.
  • Knowledge of the IKEA Concept, including our vision and business idea, IKEA culture and values, and how we create our business advantages
  • Experience of managing and developing a team, preferably in retail environment.
  • Ability to sell smart furniture solutions to customers.
  • Ability to make quick decisions and take personal initiatives (often with a high sense of urgency).
  • Good knowledge about competitors and your local market.
  • Business-minded and result-driven with a customer focus
  • Experience of working with an KPI-driven action plan
  • Experience of actively selling through understanding customers and their needs.
  • Be efficient and generate a reasonable profit
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Passion working in retail.
  • Computer Literate

About The Role

You are responsible to optimise the IKEA shopping experience in your shop and store to secure satisfied customers and increase sales. You do this by motivating and inspiring your department team using knowledge of the IKEA product range and services, the local market and IKEA customers. You use IKEA tools and the expertise of your team and colleagues to support you.

Key Specific Accountabilities

  • Your working base is the shop floor where you lead by example every day, supporting, challenging and coaching co-workers.
  • Together with your team, you focus on putting the customer first in everything you do within the store shop. Every customer must have a shopping experience that exceeds his or her expectations.
  • You take full responsibility for ensuring your shop is in excellent shape as new and fully stocked, and with the four merchandising basics in place at all times (priced, clean, well, assembled and available.)
  • Together with your shopkeeper, you take responsibility for your department goals and ensure your action plan is in place and communicated clearly to them. You follow up and take action accordingly by using proven solutions and good examples. You define your individual contribution and goals for delivering the department plan.
  • You are passionate about the IKEA products in your shop. You create a high level of knowledge about the products’ features and benefits, and share this with customers and your team.
  • You are proactive in finding opportunities and acting on them to maximize sales through understanding customers and the local market and keeping an eye on competition.
  • You act quickly on commercial opportunities; changing availability of products (overstock and out of stock) and customer feedback (10 most asked questions).
  • You and your team actively sales steer to your department’s top-selling products, prioritized products (e.g. overstock/övertag) and IKEA service products in order to maximize sales and long-term profitability.
  • You execute meaningful actions that are based on the outcome of a key performance indicator analysis at shopkeeper level.
  • You actively promote the IKEA social and environmental commitment and work with your team to understand how, together, you can contribute to sustainability.