Teaching Assistant – Hayat Universal School (HUBS)

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities:

Supporting students is considered the most important role of the teacher assistant. Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting children both individually and/or in small groups to reinforce learning concepts presented by the teacher and to help them complete tasks assigned by the teacher.
  • Assisting in the delivery of educational programs such as Guided Reading, Guided Math, writing groups etc.
  • Helping students develop independent learning skills, manage their own learning and prioritize their time.
  • Help the teacher set up the classroom at the beginning of the year and at the end year with gathering, counting, and collecting of resources to be returned.
  • Help to manage daily tasks such as book exchanges, collecting money, collecting materials for projects, supervising students, etc. This does not include entering marks into Gradebook or doing attendance which is always to be completed by the teacher.
  • Support teachers in observing students’ performance. Since assessment and evaluation of student performance is strictly the responsibility of teachers, TA support should be carefully considered. One acceptable example is: (1) help administer specific formative assessments only after training has been provided; with the evaluation of such assessments left as the responsibility of the teacher (example: letter identification, word recognition etc.). Another acceptable example is: keep records of student’s progress during guided reading and report to the teacher
  • Support teachers in implementing school behavior management programs and classroom management strategies to contribute to a purposeful learning environment, ensuring all students are safe, engaged and interacting positively.
  • Help in setting up and using learning devices and software and in ensuring students use these resources effectively and safely.
  • Help to decorate boards and other areas of the school during the year and during special events.
  • May be asked to attend teacher-parent meetings with the classroom teacher, members of administration and parents after school hours.
  • Substitute in a class when a teacher is absent including classes that the TA is not permanently assigned for. At these times, lesson plans shall be given to the teacher assistant by the classroom teacher. Whenever possible, the lesson should be a review and practice of work already taught by the teacher. All efforts should be made so that the teacher assistant does not take over a class for extended periods of time. When this occurs, the planning and assessment responsibilities must be assigned to a certified educator.


  • Preferably a bachelor’s degree in a field related to education or English, as a minimum, a two-year postsecondary diploma in these fields.
  • 25 to 40 years old and in good physical health.
  • 2+ years relevant working experience, preferably in Qatar.
  • Possessing native fluency in English (reading, speaking and writing) (applicable to TAs assigned to the BC or Early Years Programs).
  • Ability to effectively work with children and adults in a pleasant and cooperative manner
  • Ability to perform responsibilities and tasks timely, accurately and with great attention to detail.
  • Proactive, self-motivated with a positive attitude.
  • Ability to operate with minimal supervision.
  • Highly organized and able to multi-task.
  • Creativity and ability to think out of the box.
  • Ability to work safely, to establish a safe environment and to react quickly in emergency situations to ensure children safety.
  • Ability to analyze situations and take appropriate action regarding routine/emergency procedural matters without direction.
  • Transferable residency or eligible for issuing a work permit.


  • End of service benefit equivalent to one-month basic monthly salary for every full year of service. The basic salary is 70% of the gross salary.
  • Paid annual summer leave.