Teacher of PYP Italian Mother Tongue

Part Time @ International School of London Sector: Education, Teaching & Training
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Date Posted : May 23, 2022
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job

Teacher Profile Scope: PYP Italian Mother Tongue

Reporting to: Mother Tongue Coordinator

In order to fill this role effectively, the successful candidate will need to have a diverse range of qualities, competencies and experience. An IB PYP Italian Mother Tongue teacher should be an adaptable and inspiring educator, with the ability to deliver a coherent, integrated, broad, inquiry-based programme.

He/She should be an outstanding teacher, learner, motivator and communicator, with excellent interpersonal skills, and should be capable of preparing students for international programmes in a stimulating, challenging and well-organised learning environment. He/She should be able to provide professional expertise, high quality teaching and learning, make effective use of resources and ensure improved standards of learning and achievement for all students.


1 Qualifications and experience: The school prefers people with:

1.1 A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

1.2 Experience in teaching the Italian language and literature

2 Knowledge and Skill: He/She should:

2.1 be aligned with the ISL values of diversity, passion, identity and understanding

2.2 possess excellent communication skills and be willing to adapt to the demands of an international school, in particular he/she should be able to communicate effectively in Italian and English

2.3 have a high level of understanding of current research as to how children learn and possess the ability to motivate students to perform at their best

2.4 through differentiated instruction, and by using a variety of styles, be able to inspire mixed culture and ability classes, by creating challenging and engaging learning opportunities for all students

2.5 be able to support student needs in learning and pastoral matters

2.6 have a good awareness of current developments in Italian Mother Tongue and be able to participate fully in an expanding IB PYP MYP school and, in particular, help to develop the team spirit within the mother tongue department

3 Responsibilities

3.1 To implement mother tongue policy and strategic plans

3.2 To liaise with the PYP and MYP team and the curriculum leaders to ensure effective delivery of the curriculum to specified classes, including selecting resources and managing them efficiently in the classroom

3.3 To participate in the design, development, implementation and review of an integrated programme of Italian Mother Tongue

3.4 To participate in the design, development, implementation and review of assessment and reporting systems

3.5 To promote the health and safety of assigned classes

3.6 To participate in professional development and contribute to regular staff training/meetings

3.7 To encourage the team spirit in the middle and diploma school and develop links with colleagues across the school

3.8 To contribute to community service and global citizenship goals

3.9 To contribute to the extra-curricular activities programme of the school

3.10 To contribute to the development of a positive attitude between Mother Tongue and the wider community through cooperative relations, publications, competitions etc.

3.11 To enhance the professional standing of the faculty

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