Strategic Client Executive – Microsoft

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  • Doha, Qatar
  • Date Posted : May 28, 2022
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About the job


As a Strategic Account Management at Microsoft, consider yourself the dedicated virtual CEO of an account who leads our top customer into the digital age.

This Job Will Provide You

  • An opportunity to drive change with your customer to do business like never before in a new and transformational way
  • A forum to co-create the art of the possible
  • The chance to lead world-class, diverse teams of digital transformation advisors, engineers, architects, and delivery teams who all have a vested interest in the customer.

The Strategic Account Management will be responsible for the following:

  • Industry (Public Sector) Business Leader: Lead with Industry – Building trusted relationships through engagements focused on driving the customer’s desired business outcomes using Microsoft technologies.
  • Transformation Leader: Deliver the customers business and technology outcomes reliably. Continue to lead Digital Transformation discussions with customers through best in class virtual engagements.
  • Account Team Leader: Orchestrating and coordinating the team, ensuring that the best of Microsoft and our partners is brought to bear to help our customers deliver their business goals.

Customer Engagement

  • Builds and maintains relationship with executives and business and technical decision makers at high levels of the customer’s organization to establish trust and credibility in future interactions. Continues to build reputation with customers during interactions by being customer-focused, consistently honoring commitments, explaining technical concepts relevant to the customer, and connecting the customer to Microsoft executives.
  • Develops a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s industry and the needs of each assigned account and identifies opportunities to drive optimizations and new digitalization solutions/ideas based on their needs and strategies. Works on behalf of the customer.
  • Understands customer drivers of digital transformation and contributes to technology/transformation with the customer. Initiates conversations with customers on digital transformation for assigned accounts. Ensures line-of-business wins are captured (e.g., testimonials) for referencing.

Account Management

  • Manages and executes plans for multiple accounts to ensure Microsoft targets and customer business needs are met. Coordinates with extended virtual teams and holds self and the team accountable for executing on plans and meeting customer needs. Outlines revenue targets to deliver on account plans.
  • Orchestrates extended team and embraces partners to scale business. Ensures sales consumption and adoption goals on target.
  • Engages with internal and external stakeholders on business planning to review and plan for accounts. Set priorities, focus, and resources and strengthens operations, ensuring that the extended virtual team and other stakeholders are working toward common goals.
  • Plans ahead to determine order of priority for action on accounts based on customer needs, sales-generating importance, growth opportunity and assessment of risks. Holds self accountable and collaborates with the account management team to act on potential adjustments and maintain commitments.
  • Builds and maintains a network of internal (e.g., Microsoft Consulting Services [MCSs]) and external partners to drive opportunities and influence impact for multiple assigned accounts. Leverages relationships with partners to develop and share customer digital transformation plans that support mutual needs.

Sales Excellence

  • Seeks customer feedback (both formal and informal) of assigned accounts to identify and understand the drivers of satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction.
  • Leverages internal resources to support customer needs. Orchestrates others (e.g., Technical Account Managers [TAMs]) to anticipate issues/risks on customer satisfaction, determine the root cause of problems, remove blockers, and establish recovery action plans as need to improve customers’ overall experience.
  • Proactively establishes agreement on success measures and manages execution on success measures to prevent need for recovery plans.
  • Orchestrates extended virtual teams and key stakeholders (e.g., industry solutions executives) to engage decision makers of assigned accounts.
  • Leverages best-in-class sales and communication strategies and tools to meet customer needs. Creates map around stakeholders, influencers, etc.
  • Articulates Microsoft’s value proposition aligned to customer’s business objectives. Creates a mutually-beneficial industry business value proposition and executes relevant solutions. Develops plans to offer solutions that satisfy customers’ key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Develops value-proposition presentations (e.g., with the use of business cases) and specialized business plans for customers that drive business outcomes to generate business and upsells. Presents business plans to customers to generate new opportunities.
  • Implements strategies to engage relevant stakeholders of assigned accounts and create and/or identify upselling/cross-selling opportunities and drive usage of Microsoft products.

Industry Knowledge

  • Builds and maintains knowledge of Microsoft offerings, as well as of customer business priorities and basic industry trends to positively articulate the value of Microsoft’s offerings in addressing the needs of the assigned accounts and evaluating their business.
  • Coordinates with internal industry experts (e.g., industry solutions executives) to gather industry data on assigned accounts and improve planning.


  • Bachelor’s Degree AND experience working as an Account Executive for the public sector and/or driving digital transformation.

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