Steward – Four Seasons

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Job Description

  • Properly handle the dishwashing machine, including turning on and off, de-liming, hanging water and adding chemicals; safely handle chemicals and keep them stored properly.
  • Load and unload dishware and flatware from the dishwashing machine and store them properly.
  • Ensure a clean, neat and organized work area; handle and report any accident immediately, no matter how minor.
  • Safely set up, clean and utilize the silver burnishing machine; safely utilize all cleaning compounds, chemicals and materials including soaking solution, Sanitex, Px and silver cream.
  • Follow a daily schedule of polishing all silver items in the hotel; clean, polish, sort and transport required silver.
  • Place damaged or excessively worn pieces in designated area for repair.
  • Ensure all needed supplies are on hand, notify the Executive Steward of any shortages as soon as realized.
  • handle items at the last minute which need to be polished; maintain all pots, pans and equipment to be cleaned.
  • The ability to keep the ware washing area clean, neat and well maintained; The ability to utilizes the different cleaning products safely for specific tasks; set up work area with proper washing and rinsing sinks. The ability to use the correct detergent and rinse agent; clean and drain ware washing area twice during the shift.
  • Maintain a clean, orderly, hazard-free work area; clean messes and spills immediately; notify the supervisor prior to leaving the work area; report any major problem to the supervisor.
  • Collect, utilize safely and put away all cleaning materials, chemicals and equipment.
  • The ability to clean, dust, sweep, mop, polish, scrub, wash, strip, and buff the following all designated areas in the hotel; scrape and stack all dishes properly and rack all glassware.
  • clean kitchen walls, floors, drains, reach-in coolers, walk-in freezers and other locations as assigned by a supervisor.

Our Offering:-

  • Opportunities to build a successful career with global potential
  • Unique strong culture – diversity of 50 different nationalities
  • Living accommodation in high quality, well-resourced apartment
  • Excellent Training and Development opportunities
  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • Complimentary nights at FS Hotels Worldwide
  • Paid annual home leave tickets
  • Complimentary meals in employee restaurants
  • Free transportation to work
  • Medical coverage

Work Authorization:-

The hotel will apply for the work authorization for a successful candidate.