Senior Revenue Management Specialist

  • Full Time
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Applications have closed

Qatar Airways

As a Senior Revenue Management Analyst, you will review and examine RM related data concerning passenger booking velocity, inventory availability, pricing, group request and, based on a specific appointment, take decisions affecting Pricing, Demand, Flight Inventory, Groups or Alliances and Global Pricing Products. You will play a key role through high frequency and targeted decision-making that affects Qatar Airways competitiveness and ability to deliver its revenue goals and objectives including RASK.

You will monitor and manage route demand forecast, analyze cancellation forecasts and ensure measures are implemented to reflect the correct decrements on the route. You will maintain a deep understanding of the market, working with other stakeholders including MPA teams, to gather insights on market size, demand and pricing, both online offline/interline, where such insights result in creating fare products, and price and availability decisions making.

You will execute scenario modeling to analyze the potential revenue impact of changes to interline/codeshares fares and rules, and provide data analysis that supports the development of interline policies and offline pricing strategies/plans that optimize the generation of interline passenger revenues for Qatar Airways.

  • A minimum of Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with minimum of 4 years of experience in revenue management or pricing related fields.
  • Experience working in an airline practicing point of sale and origin & destination controls.
  • Knowledge of airline pricing and revenue management systems and tools such as PROS, Amadeus, airline tariffs, APTCO or SITA fate filing, Pricing systems(PLP, AirPrice SITA or Sabre), Infare or Group Revenue Management Systems.
  • Advanced Analytical ability, and ability to use Microsoft Office software. Should be able to independently manipulate data sources to create actionable analysis and/or reports.
  • Ability to train and develop subordinates skills, and foster teamwork among team members.