Senior Civil Engineer

PS Tech

Job Description

  • Direct unit leaders and Engineers to carry out necessary activities to maintain the health of the treated water network and ensure the security of supply.
  • Provide technical expertise to Section Head on programme of works to sustain and improve levels of service to customers and other stakeholders.
  • Support and liaise with other DNO&M Sections for the successful delivery of TWN |Section outcomes
  • Coordinate with outsourced agencies for executing operations and maintenance of treated water networks in consultation with the Management Consultants (MC)/ contractors.
  • Ensure adherence to service levels for works on the treated water network including repairs and new connections.
  • Monitor outsource agencies work schedules, set priorities and ensure the appropriate assignment of equipment, materials, and personnel.
  • Administer, prioritize and oversee major repairs to treated water networks carried out by outsourced contractors, oversee assignment maintenance crews to repair treated water networks etc.
  • Monitor all the equipment used to maintain the treated water systems through agreed maintenance and monitoring schedules with outsource partners.
  • Ensure that incidents / emergencies reported are attended to and resolved by the maintenance contractors with minimal or no interruption to Treated Water customers.
  • Ensure delivery of quality treated water to all customers.
  • Coordinate with the treatment section for compliance with treated water standards.
  • Provide assistance to the project team in ensuring that treated water network upgrading and maintenance works are carried out to the specified technical standards and that corrective action is taken as needed.
  • Agree periodic and long term maintenance plans to ensure that the treated water network perform to the specified level of operations based on asset management standards and
  • recommendations
  • Provide technical advice to the consultants regarding design, construction or program modifications and repairs onsite.
  • Coordinate with the Design Department to develop and implement improvements to existing treated water networks.
  • Coordinate with all other Sections and Departments to ensure delivery of the DNO&M Department’s KPls through the TSE Section.
  • Raise any issues that require consideration to the O&M Engineering Advisor / Expert for advice on actions/ recommendations.
  • Hold regular team meetings to engage staff with changes taking place and ensure relevant business performance information and expectations are shared
  • Support the engineers in aligning Section’s activities and tasks to Department objectives and overall Company vision
  • Ensure adherence to Quality, Health and Safety and Environment Policy and Procedures within the workplace and comply with any new work instructions.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as required.


  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Mechanical/ Electrical/ Civil preferred)
  • Education qualification obtained from North America, West Europe, Australia
  • MBA and/or secondary relevant degree would be an advantage
  • Chartered membership of relevant professional body preferred and would be an advantage
  • Current/valid Qatar Driving License would be an advantage
  • Minimum of 12 years’ experience of Treated Water/ Recycled Water Networks including 5 years’ managing contractors and leading a team
  • Experience of working in a multidisciplinary Organisation preferably in the Middle East
  • Ability to deliver and support change
  • Ability to influence and engage stakeholders and staff at all levels within the Organisation
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Control procedures
  • Knowledge and experience in contract management
  • Competent in Microsoft Office Packages
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing in English is mandatory. Ability to communicate verbally and in writing in Arabic is preferred


Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Mechanical/ Electrical/ Civil preferred)

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