Restaurant Manager

  • Full Time
  • Doha, Qatar
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International Food Concept

International Food Concept company is looking for a Restaurant Manager in Qatar.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assesses and monitors maintenance needs/appearance of the entire restaurant.
  2. Maintains a close working relationship with Jawad Area Directors and personnel.
  3. Designs quarterly action plans for the restaurant that includes restaurant objectives in regards to sales building, profits, and people development.
  4. Delegate job duties (daily, weekly, or monthly) for special projects, with deadlines to ensure accountability for smooth and consistent shifts in the restaurant.
  5. Development of local store marketing, community involvement, and business plans designed to build sales and improve bottom-line profitability.
  6. May perform additional duties as necessary.
  7. Ensure all food and beverages served to meet Brinker’s taste, temperature and appearance standards as designated.
  8. Addresses investigate and resolve all comments and complaints regarding food quality. Conducts appropriate table visits to end in complete Guest satisfaction.
  9. Directly supervises all Teammates, writes and maintains schedules, and maintains open and positive communication with all Teammates
  10. Conducts (when appropriate) shift meetings, informing Teammates of current promotions, business trends, safety issues, and any new menu information
  11. Maintains positive communication with all Teammates through interaction with
  • mates throughout the shift.
  1. Documents any events which may occur during the business day in the Red Book.
  2. Handles emergencies or unusual occurrences properly and reports to the Direct Supervisor and Area Director as designated.
  3. Reviews financial sales, costs, and other pertinent information by reading reports and office related memorandums.
  4. Addresses investigate and resolve all complaints regarding service performance.
  5. Trains motivate and evaluate Teammates.
  6. Inventories F&B supplies with the use of a computer maintain adequate daily supplies.
  7. Orders receive and check supplies. Records invoices and stocks supplies.
  8. Maintains and balances cash banks by making sure all financial transactions are correct. Deposits daily receipts from the worked shift.
  9. Unlocks and locks restaurant’s main entrances/exits as designated
  10. Attends seminars regarding the foodservice industry for increased knowledge as designated.
  11. Develops and implements F&B cost controls such as inventory, and order forms

Job Aids and Tools

  1. Calculators, spreadsheets, and worksheets.
  2. Inventory and production sheets.
  3. All kitchen equipment and foodservice machines, utensils, cleaning equipment, walk-in, cooler, freezer, paper supplies, office supplies, writing instruments.
  4. Point-of-Sale programs, P & L spreadsheets, period estimates, and budgets.

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree/diploma or equivalent required.
  2. Must be able to read and write in the primary language of the restaurant location.
  3. Must be able to add, subtract, and count.
  4. Leadership abilities are necessary.
  5. Prior supervisory experience is necessary.
  6. Experience 4-6 year