Recruitment Specialist – B2C Solutions

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Job Description

Key Accountabilities and Duties

  • Develop a pool of qualified candidates in advance of need.
  • Identify upcoming vacancies.
  • Coordinate the preparation of vacancy announcements, renews and submits the vacancy announcements.
  • Keep records of job seekers and current vacancies.
  • Receive and review approved Manpower Request from divisions and initiate hiring process as per instructions and the requirements of the positions.
  • Maintain a list of any local or overseas applicants who forwarded their CVs.
  • Screening applicants and conducting initial interviews of candidates.
  • Shortlisting and conducting initial screening interviews.
  • Receiving feedback and preparing employment offers.
  • Other duties.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource, Business Administration, or its equivalent.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a similar role.
  • Experience in Sourcing candidates for clinical roles.
  • Knowledge of recruitment best practices.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in HR Law, HR Policies and Procedures and the different requirements of Qatar Ministries.
  • Proficient in Computer MS Office Applications.