Marine Projects Coordinator

Qatar Petroleum

To represent the Marine Department in all offshore Projects which have the Marine Department’s involvement of related

activities such as new installations or field developments’ Projects.

Provide Expert Marine advice to other departments and Joint Venture related to offshore projects or other Marine

operations to ensure a smooth project execution plan and interface with ongoing offshore operations.

Inspect, audit, vet and monitor Project Marine Spread barges and support craft to ensure the related Marine activities are

carried out safety in accordance with QP Procedures and Guidelines. Moreover, conduct various types of Marine vessels

inspections as required by the Department.

Experience & Skills

A minimum of 15 years of experience in offshore/Oil and Gas operations.

At least three recent years of offshore project management/coordination experience in offshore construction projects in the

Oil and Gas industry. Have good communication skills and the ability to write accurate and precise reports.

Fully familiar with the movement of floating units and fully familiar with all aspects of marine operations connected with the

offshore industry including offshore construction projects, Heavy Lift Vessels / Barges etc., Rig moving, Offshore Oil & Gas

Support Operations, Marine Inspection and Investigation and Marine Consultancy.

Preferably Qualified of Specialised Marine vessels operations and inspections, i.e. Full Dynamic Positioning Operator

Certificate, OVID inspector accreditation, PSC, and other QMS Audit qualification.


Unlimited Foreign Going Class I (Ship Masters) Certificate of Competency issued by or equivalent to the United Kingdom

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