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  • Date Posted : July 16, 2022
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About the job

A new initiative is being established to provide holistic and transformative Islamic religious and spiritual guidance to women and engage more broadly in social advocacy and impactful scholarly research that benefits the everyday lives of women. The initiative welcomes applicants from individuals of diverse backgrounds who are seeking to work in a value and purpose driven institution committed to excellence, integrity and service to women.

The ideal candidate will be responsible to lead and provide strategic direction for the Women’s Services offerings at the CCEC by researching, leading, developing and monitoring impact-driven services which include, but are not limited to, faith-based Islamic Counseling, women’s mental wellness initiatives and health education. This involves the strategic and active management of resources for the purposes of ensuring effective and high-quality services that align with the mission and vision of the Center.


  • Develops: (1) a women’s services framework; (2) a faith-based counseling philosophy (3) an impact framework for the delivery of programs at the Center.
  • Develops well-researched services for women of different age groups that are religiously grounded, contextually relevant, women-centric and accessible in a way that supports the overall mission and vision of the center.
  • Promotes inclusion and a culture of confidence through the development and delivery of services that directly address contemporary challenges women face.
  • Directs the operational elements of the services and monitors the execution of these programs from implementation, marketing, delivery and evaluation.
  • Sits on the Education City-wide Taskforce on Islamic Psychology to design relevant, meaningful and impactful research and curriculum initiatives.
  • Acts as the primary point of contact between the CCEC and other relevant social services/counseling bodies in Education City and Qatar more broadly.
  • Monitors the impact and reception of the services of the Center and is able to communicate this information to key stakeholders, internally and externally.
  • Oversees departmental responsibilities, including managing and evaluating Women’s Services staff, managing services budget and evaluating departmental outcomes.
  • Promotes public awareness of the Women’s Services offerings of the Center in coordination with the Director of Marketing and Communication.
  • Works with the Director of Programming to design spiritually grounded Women’s Wellness programs.
  • Participates in Senior Leadership Team meetings to set ambitious, purposeful and achievable goals for the CCEC.
  • Maintains a functional awareness of other activities in the center and organizes the management of resources with them.
  • Actively participates in staff meetings for the purpose of conveying and gathering information on issues related to the Center’s programmatic and strategic development.
  • Works with the Executive Director and Director of Programming to ensure alignment across the initiatives of the Center.
  • Represents the Center, if asked by the Executive Director, in external events that will enhance the visibility of the center and promote its offerings.


  • Master’s degree in a relevant field, such as Psychology; with additional training in Islamic Psychology or Islamic Chaplaincy; Ph.D. preferred.
  • 8 years of relevant full-time work experience; experience in counseling, chaplaincy, women’s services, or a University wellness setting.
  • Experience working with women from different age groups and cultural backgrounds.
  • Experience researching and developing a faith-based counselling and wellness framework.
  • Experience in administration, policy development, personnel management and budget management.
  • Experience working in a start-up education environment or intimate center setting where multiple hats are worn.
  • Experience and track-record of building effective collaborative services across multiple institutions.
  • Experience engaging with Muslim women and Muslim religious/spiritual/educational programming.
  • Excellent communication skills which include the ability to craft and deliver educational narratives; managing meetings; public speaking.
  • Excellent writing skills with the ability to draft and edit a variety of written reports and communications and to articulate ideas clearly and concisely; Arabic proficiency is an advantage
  • Ability to engage in iterative and co-constructed strategical conversations.
  • Ability to work dynamically and collegially with diverse stakeholders.
  • Ability to develop relationships with instructors and women in the community.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills, with enthusiasm and motivation to facilitate the growth of the Center.
  • Ability to make decisions and take responsibility.
  • Ability to promote meaningful diversity within the organization and its programmatic offerings.
  • Proficiency in MS Office applications

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