Loss Prevention Officer (Male)

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  • Post Date : July 3, 2021
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Job Description


  • The Loss Prevention Team Member shall utilize all the necessary personnel, materials, services and otherwise do all things necessary to perform the work as set forth below.
  • The Loss Prevention Team Member shall furnish all property oversight management, supervision and technically trained personnel to provide routine and emergency site security protection and support services for all premises, employees, contractors, visitors and customers. These services include, but are not limited to: patrol, entry control, parking, traffic control, security, and CCTV and fire safety surveillance duties.
  • The Loss Prevention Team Member shall provide the service of a competent, trained, uniformed security officer who meet the standards of the property and site for providing private guard services in the applicable locality in addition to the standards described herein.
  • The Loss Prevention Team Members shall maintain Daily supervision, manpower and availability for staff replacement when needed, covering off days and PH including vacations and sick leaves.
  • The Loss Prevention Team Member shall provide service that might include training, screening, equipment usage and inventory, supplies handling and control, First Aid and CPR assistance, Fire Warden assistance, staff screenings, writing reports to Property MANAGEMENT Loss Prevention / Security department, prepare and maintain files and any other resources necessary to accomplish services as described here in.
  • The Loss Prevention Team Member shall perform to the company standards required in this contract and will be expected to work closely with other property representatives throughout the duration of the contract.
  • The Loss Prevention Team Member shall perform duties under strong weather condition heat, direct sun, sand storm, rain, cold etc…


Guard and protect all Hotel property, car parking’s, information, documentation, material, building, and equipment from unauthorized access, theft or sabotage.

Develop, maintain and document a training plan. Formal job task analysis shall be conducted by the Loss Prevention Team Member and used in the development of the plan with the advice and approval of PROPERTY LOSS PREVENTION / security department.

The Loss Prevention Team Member shall also document training and certification of security officers or other team members of the property in the skills, concepts and other requirements as outlined in the contract.

Respond to and provide assistance to PROPERTY LOSS PREVENTION corporate security, Loss Prevention Team Member, employees, visitors and emergency response personnel involving security and safety related situations, demonstrating common sense and good judgment, and in compliance with PROPERTY LOSS PREVENTION policies and procedures.

Comply with additional responsibilities set forth in special orders, manuals, and procedures issued by the Corporate Office of PROPERTY LOSS PREVENTION.

Collaborate with PROPERTY LOSS PREVENTION security and assist law enforcement agencies in connection with crimes committed including maintaining the scene to protect possible evidence in accordance with established procedures.

Assist in the conduct of inquiries related to losses and thefts of site and personal property, employee misconduct and other security related incidents. Security officer participation in inquiries shall be documented and reported to the PROPERTY LOSS PREVENTION /security team supervisor on site and write an incident report.

Assist in big events and festivals organized by the PROPERTY.




Respond to all alarm conditions. Monitor and respond in a timely manner to security alarms, intrusion detection systems and other protection devices or equipment as detailed in Hotel/Resort policies.

Monitor the fire protection system and ensure that in the event of a fire, access by the fire department is not restricted, Loss Prevention team member must remain effectively trained and familiar with evacuation procedures.

Monitor building and car parks conditions and alarms systems such as gas, fire, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The Loss Prevention Team Members shall report unusual occurrences as required by post orders to site / property security supervisors.

Monitor site / property security systems and infrastructure and submit work orders or report to site / property security supervisor as appropriate to initiate repairs.

Monitor the CCTV and inspect the monitors using a proper checklist form for each and every camera by zone and report any deficiency in the system.

Monitor the command center and issuing visitors pass following the site safety and security policy and procedures.

Loss Prevention Team Member need to inspect on a daily bases or as assigned the fire suppression system, fire extinguishers and submit their report to site / Property security management and engineering.

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