Lead Flight Cargo Optimization Officer

Full Time @ Qatar Airways Sector: Airline & Aviation
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  • Date Posted : October 25, 2021
  • Salary: Negotiable
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Job Description

About The Role

As a Lead Flight Cargo Optimization Officer, your operational responsibility for the management of all disruptions related to shipment level connections ex Doha (Passenger and freighter flights). Optimize the cargo capacity on flights post FBL release and contribute to overall load factor by eliminating the no-fits positions. Ensure quality protection measures are applied through collaborative decision making within IOC window. Aided with advanced operational tools, conduct root cause analysis for disrupted shipment movements and provide a high-level summary to the management. Together along with revenue management and IOC network control, provide input in setting short term and mid-term strategies to monitor and control shipments disrupted ex Doha.


  • In this role, you will be responsible to ensure that after FBL release, all the unit positions on the flights are utilized and no-fits are kept to minimal
  • In the event of drop of loads from the FBL due to the no-shows, low-shows, misconnections, cancellations or any other reasons, initiate to pre-carry shipments from the on-hand inventory to optimize the flight
  • Work on creative solutions to optimize last minute capacity by evaluating minimum connection time (quick ramp/ warehouse transfers)
  • Monitor and follow up of critical shipments ex DOH (charters, VIP and other sensitive shipments) to ensure FAB
  • Monitor shipment disruption ex DOH for recovery as per protection plan on first available option which can include other gateways, interline and trucking
  • Comply with all rules and regulations as per IOC manual and the applicable business LOPs and SOP
  • Conduct necessary updates to revise flight-booking list, to reflect commercial and operational changes (e.g. optimize flight in case of drop of loads, repair offloads, commercial escalations, critical/sensitive shipments, and equipment imbalance at hub)
  • Ensure that the shipments that are offered protection plan on constrains flights beyond the Lead optimization recovery window, are communicated to Revenue Management team
  • Anticipate and communicate with relevant stakeholders to protect disrupted booking (e.g. high show, low show, late delivery by shipper, missed connection)
  • Have a visibility in case of major disruption on a route level at the hub, and proactively alert Revenue Management in case of potential backlog situation
  • Responsible for repairing sensitive cargo (e.g. AOG, DIP, LHO, AVI, VAL, etc) which are impacted due to disrupted operations
  • Produce and analyze reports on all relevant aspect of shipment disruptions (e.g. Misconnection, High Shows, No Shows, cancellations etc.)
  • Act as a 24/7 contact for IOC cargo to analyze and evaluate commercial impact of disruption shipments and related consequences
  • Ensure decisions on cancelation, diversions, flight delays or any other flight level interruption is based on cost benefit analysis on revenue and operational impact of disruption shipments

About You

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent with minimum 4 years of similar experience in reputable Cargo Forwarder, Cargo Customer Service, Cargo Revenue Management or Cargo Supply Chain
  • Experience in Revenue Management, Supply Chain Quality Management, end-to-end Supply Chain Performance Analysis (i.e. Cargo iQ/ Cargo 2000), Cargo Reservation system, Flight Scheduling systems, Milestone Tracking, Shipping Control etc. is required
  • Understanding of key stakeholder functions including GHA’s, Network Stations, Cargo Operations, IOC, Crew Control, Fuel OCC, Flight Dispatch, NAVATM, Load Masters, Network Planning, Charter Operations, Dangerous Goods, Cargo Compliance, Corporate Safety And Security, Cargo Sales And Customer Experience
  • Ability to perform under pressure, analytical thinking, high-level problem solving skills, and ability to analyze situations to take decisions

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