Immunology & Inflammation Medical Representative


The Medical Representative is responsible for driving Pfizer’s I&I portfolio, ensuring outcomes and financial results of his/her geographical territory are delivered, managing and developing excellent key relationships within a defined budget, whilst maintaining high ethical standards, at all times.


  • Visit physicians to help them manage their patient’s disease using Pfizer products.
  • Use guidelines through product samples, scientific literature, clinical trials related to this product(s) to help physicians and other healthcare professionals make the best decisions.
  • Follow-up with Healthcare Practitioners (Key Opinion Leaders, physicians, pharmacists, or any other party having an impact on the business), to gather feedback and questions regarding experience with Pfizer products.
  • Provide information to HCP on Pfizer products, e.g. proper medical usage, dosage amounts and side effects.
  • Enlist Pfizer products in the formulary of institutions
  • Provide feedback to his/her manager on customer requests, responses to promotions and product access. Also, update on changes in the health care system or hospital structure.
  • Provide feedback to the marketing team on market, and customers’ needs.
  • Follow up of stock, consumption and ordering process especially in the government sector and institutions
  • Organize AV activities in his/her area.
  • Periodic reporting of HCPs visits and other activities
  • Prepare a short term Plan of Action restricted to his/her area and products.
  • Update his/her customer list according to the targeting process by understanding customer’s segmentation and customer insights
  • Understand customer disease management needs
  • Maintain and Create new advocates by aligning to customer’s priorities/needs.
  • Monthly report for sales, activities, market feedback, threats, & opportunities
  • Participate in setting the engagement Plan of Action and play important role in its execution.
  • Play important role in engaging his/her customers via real bold partnership programs.
  • Explore more business opportunities and expand the scope of his/her reach


  • Similar role holders across the country.
  • Enabling Departments (Medical, Marketing, Finance, HR)
  • Platform Departments (Technology, Stores, Purchasing and Finance)
  • Opinion Leaders and Field Experts.
  • Service Providers.


  • Medical or Pharmaceuticals degree.
  • Previous relevant experience.
  • Very good English/Arabic and Digital skills.
  • Outstanding selling skills.

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