HR & Administrative Coordinator


We are looking for an HR & Administrative Coordinator in Qatar.

Job Purpose

  • To help ensure efficiency /effectiveness of service to all employees
  • To support the HR & Administration Director in HR Operations, specifically in the areas of timekeeping, payroll administration and medical insurance administration
  • Provides assistance to the CEO, processes all administrative and secretarial operations relevant to her/his work and keeps records as needed.

Areas of responsibility

Assistance to Country Manager

  • Manage and monitors correspondence related to the Country Manager on his/her request.
  • Prepares correspondences, reports and other documents as per instructions
  • Manages carefully all issues and correspondence related to government departments, file documents in proper order
  • Maintains and files all documentation systematically and safely
  • Ensures any technical support is received timely as needed by the Country Manager
  • Organization of meeting depending on needs
  • Organization of Country manager travels
  • Organization of onboarding of Nexans visitors
  • Evaluates urgent cases and act adequately
  • Translation of document to Arabic or from the Arabic version

People Administration

  • Enrolls employees to the Medical Insurance and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
  • Processes Insurance Claims or inquiries
  • Reports separation of resigned/terminated employees in order to cancel the insurance
  • Takes part in the Medical Investigation for all work-related accidents in relation to an insurance claim
  • Plans the issuance and distributes on time the employee uniforms and PPE
  • Coordinates all government-related administrative procedures for employees
  • Performs time and absence management
  • Maintains employee file records and confidentiality
  • Performs payroll administration and post-payroll administration for rank & file positions

HR & Other Government-Related Administrative Tasks

  • Facilitates bank account applications of all the newly hired employees.
  • Plans and manages the ordering of uniforms and other PPEs of all the employees.
  • Manages the deployment, monitoring and payroll of outsourced manpower
  • Assists in all employee relations activities such as sports, parties, etc.

Expected results

  • On-time and accurate payroll processing
  • On-time enrolment/termination of employee insurance
  • On-time issuance of uniforms and other PPEs of all the employees.
  • All given tasks completed in a requested quality and as per deadlines given
  • Information and documentation kept in a systematic way and available when needed
  • High profile based relations maintained adequately
  • Compliance to Group Code of Ethics with emphasis on confidentiality due to the sensitivity of the information in the Department

Position sizing (A few key indicators of the position such as: Turnover, Budget, Sales volume, number of N-1 etc.)

No direct reports

Required skills and qualifications (Management and function competencies regarding available Nexans models, personal attributes, education, experience)


  • Fluency in English, Arabic
  • Communication Skills
  • Influencing
  • Group Awareness
  • Excellent communication and team working skills
  • Business understanding and strategic thinking
  • Client focus
  • Analytical skills
  • Timekeeping skills


At least 2 years in human resources administrative experience with a focus on timekeeping.


  • Graduate/Diploma
  • Degree in Human Resources, Business or related field


  • Proficient in the use of computer software such as MS Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio
  • Internet proficiency
  • Excellent communication and team working skills

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