Forklift Operator


Function: Handling/Moving RM/FG/Others within Factory Area
Country: Qatar
Location: Mesaieed
Supervisor: Assistant Manager of Logistics / Logistics Officers


QICC normal operations


See function above

Areas of responsibility

  • Know and apply the safety rules relative to this function
  • Check the safety equipment and the general aspect of the forklift at the beginning of every shift
  • Receive, unload and check the raw materials
  • Sort and put in stock the raw materials into the dedicated storage area
  • Manage the drums according to the standards and OPL (remove the unneeded from production, put in stock the full ones, provide empty ones to production).
  • Sort and Shine area (Backfilling & FG)
  • Execute (both physical and paperwork) and load the truck with Finished Goods

Expected results

Handling or moving any type of goods with due care and inform the Supervisor in case of any deviation

Required skills and qualifications

  • Must have valid Forklift Driving License and a Third Party Certificate
  • Experience in operating Forklift up to 25 Tons capacity
  • Language: must speak English
  • Teamwork skills

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