Field Service Supervisor

OTIS Elevator Co.


  • To manage mechanics and other subordinates.
  • Making and implementing company’s procedures to ensure high standards of quality and safety. To carry out field safety (FPA & OSA) / quality audit (AES) on installation during maintenance.
  • Making arrangements for orders with main and sub suppliers for timely delivery of materials to the site in accordance with contracts made by the sales department.
  • To schedule and co-ordinate all Service processes related to modernization & repair jobs. To oversee all the modernization projects and carry out regular visits to sites to ensure quality installation confirms to plan and directive.
  • Survey jobs for Modernization / Recovery.
  • Service Inspection of New Installation jobs.
  • Should be available on demand (only in case of emergencies)
  • Should determine the labour requirements.
  • Should organize and review training, development and discipline within the department.
  • Co-ordinate with others internal departments to ensure smooth functioning of maintenance activities
  • Should evaluate various maintenance methods to determine most cost effective plan and schedule.
  • Should direct and monitor the progress of the field services activities.
  • Should ensure safe delivery and use of materials, tools and equipment.
  • Responsible for the quality of maintenance, worker productivity and safety.
  • Should manage the spare parts warehouse in order to limit the cost of inventory and at the same time provide good level of service to the customers.
  • Based on direct observation and reports by subordinate daily reports of progress and requirements for labour, material, machinery and equipment at the service site, should be prepared.
  • Development of subordinates.
  • Maintain safety records.
  • Conduct regular safety evaluation.
  • Maintain Mechanics PPE records.
  • Maintain Mechanics personal tools records.
  • Follow-ups and completion of all retrofits for EH & S requirements.
  • Prevention of Critical units & Reduction of callbacks.
  • 5s completion of all units in service portfolio.
  • Conduct semi / annual performance reviews of key subordinates.
  • report regularly to Manager on services /Modernization & T repair activity
  • Communicate with client on all the services issues.
  • Control / check petty cash expense.
  • Adhere to and promote Company policies and procedures on safety by setting good example.
  • Assist in implementing Company’s Quality goals and objectives in one’s specific area of work.
  • Adhere to principles of the ACE/Otis Procedures/internal controls.
  • Attend Code of Ethics online courses & obtain the required certification.
  • Strictly follow the company Code of Ethics and report any violation.

Performance Indicators

  • Control and reduction of “OM” and Repair hours.
  • Improve revenue generation by creating more “T” and “S” jobs.
  • Control critical units and reduction of call back rates.
  • Effective control of tools and Spares.
  • Cost reduction by Local purchase and setup reduction.
  • Quality and continues improvements.
  • Efficiency problem solving and decision making.
  • Team motivation
  • Need to follow the internal guide lines set by department manager.

Communications & Working Relationships

  • Internal:
    Working relationships: Team members, Sales Executives, and Department Manager.
  • External:
    Customers, sub-contractors, etc.

Minimum Qualifications


  • Diploma in Mechanical / Electrical or Electronics
  • Technical Certification in Mechanical / Electrical or Electronics is preferred
  • Basic computer skills


  • Minimum 10 years of experience in elevator installation.


  • Ability to lead and motivate people and encourage teamwork.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with senior management
  • Clear vision of what determines a successful product for the customer and for the company.
  • Technical background sufficient to understand the elevator technologies and technical issues involved with the product, to be able to anticipate and identify critical technical obstacles, and to make accurate technology decisions.
  • Ability to manage project schedule and task details and utilize project management tools such as reports, tracking charts, checklists, and project schedules and to delegate appropriately.
  • Ability to manage change and take active leadership in timely decision making.
  • Courage to face up to issues squarely and early, resolve conflicts, admit to having problems and seek coaching openly, escalate if necessary.

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