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Job Summary

Manages safekeeping of project design drawings in order to retrieve backup/follow up to submittal as approved process and ensure engineering documents and documentation are filed correctly, formatted and traceable (hardcopy and softcopy) in order to ensure that only the latest revisions of the documents are being worked on.

  • Prepares a soft copy of the Design DWGs compiled folder of the latest revisions on the server.
  • Ensures to print & organize to date hard copy of design DWGs stamped (IFC, IFT…) for the use of the technical department.
  • Prepares (soft & hard copies) of the up-to-date approved SHOP DWGs for reference of the technical department.
  • Ensures to stamp the RFIs numbers, sketches & instructions on the IFC DWGs for the record-keeping of As-Built DWGs.
  • Ensures to timely prepare the As-built DWGs based on the record of the red marking DWGs, RFIs, sketches.
  • Organizes the DWGs room in coordination with DC and with the guidance of line manager (ensure that all DWGs are stamped “issued for approval, issued for info, issued for construction, IFC, IFT, Superseded…” and maintain a good record for all, hard copies are to be properly hanging on the racks, proper labeling of the hangers & Racks ).

Job Roles & Responsibilities

Principal Accountabilities

  • Provides technical drawings for all required elements of the works as directed by the Project Engineer and/or Technical Engineer/Manager.
  • Prepares shop drawings, schedules based on Job Orders, and prepares as-built drawings
  • Coordinates with site operation

Additional Job Roles & Responsibilities

1. Prepares accurate and well-presented drawings in order to meet the standards and targets as specified in the Project Plan.

  • Divides the plans to the number of sheets based on the required submission scales as directed by the line manager.
  • Ensures to study the design DWGs, ensure compliance with the design general notes/details and approved material submittals to be implemented in the produced shop DWGs.
  • Ensures to timely produce the self-performance structural shop DWGs as directed by the Structural engineer to meet the project time schedule. ( logistic DWGs, excavation, concrete GA & Outlines, Rebar,…).
  • Ensures to timely produce/review the Bar bending schedules against the approved rebar shop DWGs and ensure accuracy.
  • Reviews the form workshop DWGs and implement the requirements in the concrete Shop DWGs.
  • Reviews the DWGs against the structural element schedules and raise RFIs for discrepancies.
  • Ensures that DWGs are accurate and well presented as per the company procedures and standards

2. Prepares drawings in a timely and efficient manner in order to meet project deadlines and schedules

  • Produces the targeted number of approved shop DWGs monthly as per the master list of shop DWGs populated with planned submission dates.
  • Ensures the quality of CAD files production as per the project procedure and the company standard and to be well organized (layers, pin assignment, coordinates…).
  • Reviews the targeted number of the Subcontractor shop DWGs and ensure the accuracy, quality, coordination, the targeted number is to be assigned by the Technical manager based on the populated list of Shop DWGs.
  • Ensures to superimpose the Arch, Structural & MEP DWGs, define clashes and report to the Structural engineer.
  • Raises RFIs of the various discrepancies, missing information or conflict in design DWGs.
  • Reviews Architectural & MEP Shop DWGs to ensure accuracy of levels, dimensions & Coordination.
  • Implements builders works and MEP requirements on structural Shop DWGs
  • Produces the Xrefs and distribute the updated versions to all stakeholders.
  • Ensures that the engineering procedures of produced shop DWGs are well maintained (clouds on the revisions, update the revision numbers, write the referenced DWGs, RFIs, SIs, key plan, general notes, title block…)

Additional Job Roles and Responsibilities (Cont.2)

Additional Job Roles and Responsibilities (Cont.3)

Job Knowledge

  • Extensive experience in CAD software, 2D,
  • Knowledge about the specification of woodworks
  • Knowledge in technical design both Interior and Exterior works
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Job Skills

  • Good communication skills both oral and written
  • Technical skills
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Judgment and Decision-Making skills
  • Time Management skills
  • Ability to prepare AutoCAD drawings
  • Ability to prepare Reinforcement drawings
  • Ability to use of CAD systems and related software
  • Ability to works closely with Engineers and other disciplines to ensure coordinated design systems

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