CRM Specialist – Christian Dior

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Job Description

Within the boutique, the CRM Specialist is a support to the store activity on their customer relationship management. Assuring the healthiness of the Dior client database, and maximizing all opportunities offered by Christian Dior to get a return on investment on client actions. He will develop further new clients and prospects, build their loyalty side by side with the store teams, and will participate in offering the most luxurious experience to our VIPs in order to retain them.


Clients Data Base:

  • Correct data on each client: address, double entry merger, etc.
  • Update it with extra qualitative information by cross checking with store client book. Make sure that the books are always kept in a secure place in store
  • Contact Clients directly for feedback.
  • Train and coach the store team on customer relationship:
  • Monitor the capture rate for each store.
  • Organise training sessions on phoning etiquettes, teasing clients and follow-up form filling.
  • Field Coaching by spending majority of your time on the shop floor.
  • Business Development & CRM Actions :
  • Insuring the usage of the data base to optimise boutique business.
  • Prepare the action plans for the sales teams with objectives, deadlines, means and tools (list of clients, information and history gathered from Bedior) and support them.
  • Monitor the results of the actions and update the database accordingly.
  • Support the team in offering an extra-mile service to our top clients in order to retain them.
  • Help teammates building loyalty from their new clients and maximising their potential in order to create foot flow in-store.
  • Develop new prospects by working closely with partners and middlemen.
  • Re-distribute inactive clients to the sales team and give them objectives.
  • Distribute high potential prospects to the sales team with objectives to achieve.
  • Maximise the top clients potential on high value items, special orders and pre-selling


  • Organisational skills and structured.
  • Can work on his own and within a team.
  • Diplomatic, sharp and creative in his using of all resources, people and tools available to him.
  • Hands-on and shop floor orientated.
  • Communication skills: individually and collectively.
  • Inspiring and legitimate.
  • Seen as a support in his way of getting respect