Crew Coordinator

  • Full Time
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Applications have closed


Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • To actively recruit crews from the international market place in order to meet crewing requirements for all contracts via agencies, job boards, internet and other means
  • Be first point of contact for potential employees, vet and authenticate resumes and qualification/certifications with issuing bodies and provision of information for recruitment agencies, potential and existing employees including assisting with external enquiries
  • Conduct one on one interview in English with candidates from all countries to ascertain technical knowledge and suitability of the applicant.
  • Have working knowledge of all marine trades utilised by the company including bridge officers, engineers, crane operations, slinging/rigging, dynamic positioning and the use of this knowledge for initial technical interview to appraise the applicants knowledge and breadth of experience
  • Selection of training providers and transport of personnel to training providers to meet mandatory oil & gas marine requirements prior to mobilisation
  • Arrangement of all security passes, port passes and certificates required by Qatar Petroleum and organisation of immigration and visas via government departments
  • Arrange and follow up emergency and medical treatment situations including transport off vessel via fast boat or helicopter, arrangement of immigration applications for the personnel upon their return to port for medical treatment, arrange transport from port to medical the facility and manage the welfare of the medical case, replicating the previous for the return to duty. This duty requires the incumbent to be on call and available to manage an emergency situation on a 24 hour 7day week alert status
  • Issue of personal protective equipment during induction phase, maintenance of equipment stock and replenishment of items
  • Negotiation of salary and employment contract details for new employees, negotiation of same for existing and extending personnel and issue of company ID, security passes and competency cards (e.g. HUET)
  • Maintenance of comprehensive personnel data base that meets company manning demands and concurrently complies with ISM, ISO and OHSAS codes of practice to which the company subscribes
  • Provision of data, metrics and information for internal, external 3rd party and tender information requests.
  • Maintenance and contribution to company electronic data bases including Oracle and Shipnet
  • Arrangement of technical courses that meet the contractual and client requirements examples: H2S, Slinging, BA, Crane operators, Chemical HAZOP/HAZID, Rigging, offshore survival, med cals etc.
  • Identification, collation and preparation of endorsements, documents and certificates for compliance with mandatory safe manning regulations and presentation of evidence to classification societies and national legislative bodies including Port State
  • Conduct orientation briefings and coordinate induction and related administration for all new employees and ensuring the requirements of MLC 2006 are fully met
  • Preparation of crew lists for subcontract company staff employed to provide services to Halul vessels including immigration documents and the vetting of contractors to ensure the mandatory safe manning regulations are fulfilled
  • Collating and reviewing invoices and receipts for suppliers and agencies including hotels, port agencies, training providers, recruitment companies and coordinating this information with the relevant department and superintendents
  • Assisting DPA and providing evidence for submissions and issue of safe manning, exemption, extension and trading/endorsements in order to meet statutory legal requirements for all vessels
  • To have full working knowledge of the International Labour Organisation Maritime Labour Convention and to apply the requirements to crewing operations
  • Follow specified systems, processes and procedures, implemented in the workplace, to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and other requirements/standards
  • Work safely at all times, protecting the health and safety of everyone in the workplace
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Education & Professional Qualification:

  • Minimum Graduate

Professional Experience:

  • 1-2 years’ experience in a HR/Coordinator /Marine Administrator role in a marine company.