International School of London

Scope: Secondary school

Reporting to: Head of Secondary, Head of School

In order to fill this role effectively, the successful candidate will need to have a diverse range of qualities, competencies and experience. He/She should be an outstanding learner, motivator and communicator, with excellent interpersonal skills, and should be capable of creating an environment of mutual support and respect by identifying and addressing factors that support or perhaps inhibit student learning. He/she should be able to provide support to students, staff and parents to facilitate the development of an internationally-minded community which shares a common interest in preserving the environment, caring for each other and engaging enthusiastically in learning.

Qualifications And Experience. The School Prefers Applicants With

1.1 Degree level qualification in psychology, education, counselling or equivalent

1.2 Experience in school counselling and/or learning support

He/She Should

2 Knowledge and Skills.

2.1 be aligned with the ISL values of diversity, passion, identity and understanding

2.2 possess excellent communication skills and be willing to adapt to the demands of an international school, in particular he/she should be have a good working knowledge of English (knowledge of Arabic would be useful too)

2.3 have a high level of understanding of current research on counselling, how children learn and possess the ability to motivate students to perform at their best

2.4 be able to develop rapport with students and create an atmosphere of trust and respect

2.5 be adept and accomplished at providing counselling support to students

2.6 be able to participate fully in an expanding IB school and, in particular, help to develop the team spirit

2.7 have the ability to manage a diverse and demanding workload

3 Responsibilities.

3.1 To be a member of the Student Support Services Team

3.2 To develop rapport with students to create an atmosphere of trust and respect

3.3 To show genuine interest in all students and ensure that the ISL Qatar values are prominent aspects of their school life

3.4 To initiate, design, implement and review personal, social, emotional and psychological support programmes in the secondary school

3.5 To implement a structure to support students in social, emotional or psychological need

3.6 To provide counselling support to students to enhance their protection, well-being, self-esteem and achievement

3.7 To liaise with staff to ensure that each student’s social, emotional and academic needs are well served

3.8 To participate in, and lead, assemblies

3.9 To maintain records and ensure confidentiality

3.10 To adhere to budgets and be accountable for purchases

3.11 To participate in the induction programme for new staff

3.12 To monitor new staff and their families and provide support and mentoring to ensure a smooth transition into the ISL Qatar community

3.13 To track the transition of new students into the school

3.14 To organise and provide professional learning for staff about counselling, child protection, student well-being and safety matters.

3.15 To conduct workshops for the school community


Qualifications and experience. The school prefers applicants with:

1.1 Degree level qualification in psychology, education, counselling or equivalent

1.2 Experience in school counselling and/or learning support

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