Corrosion Engineer

Full Time @ Brunel Sector: Chemical Engineering
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  • Date Posted : February 1, 2022
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job

Your Tasks

  • Directs and participates in testing of coatings and cathodic protection systems for equipment and piping, including review of preliminary interpretation carried out by assigned Inspectors.
  • Provides day-to-day support to operation as necessary to troubleshoot and investigate corrosion related issues to avoid process upsets and VDT’s.
  • Reviews material and design requirements of new projects and modifications including the design requirement and monitoring criteria for cathodic protection system and submits recommendations to supervisor.
  • Monitors cathodic protection systems of tanks, pipes and pipelines, and marine structures as applicable and arranges remedial corrective action where required. Also approves the designs of new cathodic protection systems, whether done in house or for larger projects to be installed by a contractor.
  • Conducts corrosion monitoring and prevention activities and corrosion investigation. Includes monitoring Integrity Operating Windows affecting corrosion and equipment life and advising Operational suitability.
  • Develops painting/coating requirements for pipelines, structures, equipment and tanks and gives recommendations to supervisor about selection of systems and procedures for proper quality control.
  • Inspects paint condition and works with inspectors to conduct quality control checks for painting jobs.
  • Carries out measurement of Electrical Resistant (ER) probes and corrosion coupons and maintains detailed records to establish trends and thereby corrective action to reduce corrosion, institute repairs and to recommend safe working life.
  • In conjunction with structural engineer, plans surveys of the offshore platforms and supervises contractors carrying out such surveys, and maintains a database of results. Use database to help monitor the integrity of structures and initiate repairs where necessary.
  • Arranges failure investigation and analyses to identify cause(s) and submits recommendations for corrective action. Writes reports for failures after thorough analysis, and provides recommendations to avoid future occurrences.
  • Prepares turnaround work lists based on on-stream and previous equipment corrosion history records and the frequency of inspection established. Determines critical equipment and pipelines and defines type and frequency of corrosion tests required.
  • Review coating GVI report submitted by Coating Surveyors, evaluate and endorse risk and priorities for further evaluation by Inspection Engineer and maintenance coating repair. Perform risk screening for maintenance coating repair for respective assets as per procedure.

Your Profile

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy, or Material science and Engineering or equivalent.
  • 4 years’ experience in material selection, corrosion control and monitoring in a petroleum plant, including at least two years offshore.

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