Cargo Duty Controller

Qatar Airways

About the role:

To assist and support Cargo Management in delivering excellent performance in all aspects of freight handling that meets the expectations and product demands of Qatar Airways and other client airlines. To manage the resources, GSE and staff, on shift to ensure that operational peaks can be met and exceeded in terms of performance and that overtime is used only where the operations demand it so that such costs are professionally controlled.

  • Maintain 100% Safety, Security and Punctuality in all aspects of freight handling through proper monitoring of the staff and daily briefings given by line in charges in order to achieve & maintain safety, security and punctuality KPIs.
  • Maintain a professional Risk Assessment Process to ensure that the department’s SOPs are ‘best practice’ and if not, applying corrective action to minimize any such risk to the business.
  • Maintain and provide the same levels of cargo handling service to all airline clients through proper monitoring of operational teams in order to achieve the KPI’s for respective airlines.
  • Liaise with Air Customs, Ministry of Interior Airport office, Health, Agriculture to enable the cargo team to deliver all cargo in a timely manner in order to achieve operational KPI’s.
  • Manage investigations with a turnaround timeline that ensures we are seen as proactive.
  • Support the project management and launch of new products by the customer airline.
  • Champion the establishment of a Safety Management System in the organization in order to attain and maintain the safety standards laid down by QAS Cargo.
  • Manage and act upon the performance reports including deficiencies, incidents and disseminates important information to the Cargo Management.
  • Ensure that all company Operating procedures are being followed by effective monitoring of operational teams and safety and security is maintained at all times in operations.
  • Manage day to day of freighter operations ensuring that the team is equipped with all the tools to avoid delays to freighter flights.
  • Manage day to day KPI’s with the team to achieve business results.
  • To ensure the follow up of all defective equipment with GSE Maintenance.
  • Liaise with key stakeholders on a daily basis to ensure all areas of responsibility within freighter operations is visible.
  • To consistently look at the improvement to process through methodology techniques
  • To ensure all freighter flights are fully optimized with controllable offloads (AWB’s) being less than 2%
  • Advance build up where ever possible in order not to jeopardize flight delays
  • To ensure the agents are submitting flight observation reports when necessary.


To be suitable for this role, you would have a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent with at least 5 years or more experience in Ground Handling and Cargo handling procedures. You should possess a strong, decisive and collaborative leadership style with excellent communication and analytical skills, and working with a large multi-cultural workforce and the ability to deliver tasks within tight deadlines need apply.

You will need to have fundamentals in Load control and ramp handling and will need to have experience in special load handlings like perishables, live animals, valuables and dangerous goods.

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