Business Operation Manager – Microsoft

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  • Date Posted : May 25, 2022
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job

Acts as a trusted advisor to determine how commercial licensing and contracting should be changed to best meet customer needs. Leverages understanding of sales science (e.g., pipeline metrics, closed rates, competitive selling) to establish a strategic sales execution cadence. Develops customer-centric offers by engaging with and aligning account teams around the deal(s) that they are casting. Ensures that Win/Win compliant deal making occurs while creating commercial solutions. Establishes the strategy for the negotiation approach by engaging with senior stakeholders internally and externally. Drives accountability and the negotiation outcome.


Deep Proactive Engagement

  • Supports various sellers, in order to achieve revenue targets. Collaborates with business stakeholders (e.g., Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs [CELA], operations, finance) and across teams. Supports in the utilization of critical resources (e.g., business desk, sales support, partners) to drive business outcomes. Provides advice to sales manager on how to adjust commercial licensing approach to meet customer needs. Ensures others are aware of their roles in orchestration.
  • Contributes to developing commercial proposals. Develops industry knowledge and understanding of competitive analysis to contribute to crafting commercial solutions. Contributes to early engagement, planning and ideation process. Contributes to account territory planning appropriately. Crafts close plan strategies. Renews agreement and knows/adjusts language of renewal or negotiation.
  • Contributes to orchestration across stakeholders with appropriate breadth and depth with some support from others. Crafts deals that will process (book). Includes any standard or custom amendments and documentation. Contributes to the presentation of offers to clients. Develops understanding of sales science (e.g., pipeline metrics, closed rates, competitive selling) to help establish a strategic sales execution cadence. Works with others to analyze multiple data inputs quickly and develops strategic decision making to ensure the best sales and revenue production and velocity through management team where appropriate. Develops an understanding of upcoming business opportunities for their territory.
  • Understands business opportunities which vary based on deal lifecycle and artificial intelligence (AI) (e.g., upsell/cross-sell, expanding footprint, transformational). Uses knowledge of both customer and Microsoft commercial strategies to influence the likelihood of winning new opportunities that grow the Microsoft annuity footprint. Works with account teams to identify growth opportunities and solutions. Provides offers. Demonstrates knowledge of monetization of products and solutions. Contributes to development of customer-centric offers. Engages with and aligns with the account team around the deal(s) that they are casting. Works alongside account team members to determine how opportunities in the account plan may be most effectively monetized. Supports the development of the best contract structure to enable capitalization on opportunities.
  • Develops an understanding of best practices and strategies. Develops an understanding of product strategy per solution area. Develops knowledge of industry, competition, and Microsoft offerings. Seeks out learning opportunities and understanding of local subsidiary strategy. Understands the importance of Microsoft/customer business strategies to accomplishing goals. Ensures that their work reflects clarity and that they follow through on plans.
  • Works with customer/partner support/account teams during lifecycle management planning to ensure that value is delivered and that customer/partner priorities, strategies, and budget are clear so that they can structure deals that drive annuity and cloud growth. Balances customer and Microsoft needs when crafting value-based solutions. Seeks and uses knowledge about customer/partner priorities and industry challenges. Simplifies commercial strategies for customers and partners.

Mastering Key Skills

  • Looks at customer commercial history, inclusive of discounts, concessions, and consumptions for account. Anticipates upcoming renewals as appropriate.
  • Ensures adherence to volume licensing, commercial solutions policy for commercial deal execution, inclusive of regulatory laws and principles in local markets, company policies, and guidance for consistent deal making. Ensures sales and negotiation strategies adhere to established guidelines, policies, and legal standards. Works with high-risk deal desk (HRDD) where applicable and audit teams. Leverages relevant tools including business conduct and integrity, appropriately and confidentially. Actively raises compliance issues as needed to legal personnel, likely through manager.
  • Analyzes deals for risks related to contract growth, partner channel risk, profitability (supported by Business Desk as needed), legal issues, and contracting. Assesses and escalates risk as needed. Coaches others on assessment and escalation of risk as needed. Leverages both corporate and local resources. Keeps up to date with current tools. Judges when to take risks (e.g., market making deal).
  • Ensures that their own work reflects a culture of compliance through the sales deal execution related parts of Microsoft policy (e.g., anti-corruption policy). Helps to ensure that win/win-compliant deal making occurs while creating commercial solutions.

Required/Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Information Technology, Law, Marketing (or equivalent) or related field AND 1+ year(s) sales and negotiation experience or related work or internship experience.

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