Business Developer (BD)

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for public cloud market insight and analysis for assigned field/industry, formulate NA account development strategy and its further implementation.
  • Explore key project opportunities, lead and facilitate achievement of market targets.
  • Responsible for projects management, realization of revenue target and client satisfaction through project operation and client relationship, coordination of internal & external resources.
  • Support building Huawei Cloud ecosystem and brand activities, develop new clients and partners continuously.


  • Capabilities to interact wit guide clients, to build connection with clients, capable of projects operation and resources coordination.
  • Mastery of cloud computing, big data, Al, and related knowledge, good understanding of requirement and development trend of internet, Cloud native market. Conversant with related solutions.
  • Candidates with public cloud related sales experience preferred, with software IT and cloud computing sales experience preferred.
  • Strong learning ability, great teamwork awareness, self-driven, optimistic, passionate.