Business Continuity & Risk Management Specialist – Hamad International Airport

Full Time @ Qatar Airways Sector: Risk & Insurance
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Date Posted : May 29, 2022
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job

About the role:

The prime purpose of the new role is to assist and provide support to Manager Business Continuity & Risk Management in planning, developing and implementing strategies, solutions for Business Continuity Management System in line with ISO 22301:2019 requirements and similar industry recognized best practices. In addition, new role will contribute in analyzing risk assessment of existing and emerging risks, and propose viable risk mitigation strategies, measures and controls to the line Manager to effectively maintain Enterprise Risk Management system of MATAR.


  1. Contribute to the development of Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Data Protection policies.
  2. Assist on the yearly planning of BCMS, ERM, Data Protection objectives and KPIs.
  3. Assist the line Manager in identifying and support in compliance with the requirements of Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, International Civil Aviation Organization and Qatar legislations applicable to the Business Continuity and Risk Management and, ensure they are embedded within the organization effectively across the Global network to assist them to create high quality Business Continuity plans and exercises.

Business Continuity Strategies

  1. Jointly work with the line Manager to identify and develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans in line with MATAR objectives and Senior Management direction.
  2. Collaborate with line Manager in interpreting potential business disruption and propose forward planning of mitigation plans and creation of relevant BCPs.
  3. Provide continuous support to departments in drafting their business continuity plans, solutions and strategies and ensure they are adequately developed to maintain and/or restore business processes within required timescales following interruption to, or failure of, critical business processes.
  4. Provide inputs to user departments for the creation of budget requests/proposals, business cases based on historical data along with business needs for business continuity requirements and related strategies.
  5. Coordinating electronic access to, and hard copy distribution of, the Business Continuity Plans and Procedures.

Risk Management

  1. Support the line Manager in developing and maintaining the ERM policies, processes, procedures and systems.
  2. Assist departments on the development of risk registers and align them with corporate risk register.
  3. Support the line Manager in reviewing, assessing and reporting significant risks and issues identified or reported by the business in line with the incident management process and assist the business in defining and agreeing remedial action.
  4. Produce forecast report for unidentified business disruptions, associated risks and identified gaps in processes and capabilities for the line Manager’s review.
  5. Conduct research for emerging risk based on industry segment; prepare risk intelligence portfolio and industry benchmarking reports for the line Manager to present them in Enterprise Risk Management review meetings.

Business Impact Analysis and Critical Resources Inventory

  1. Collaborate with the line Manager to perform required Business Impact Assessment (BIA).
  2. Monitor and ensure that all HIA departments define recovery times (RTO) for essential functions and ensure that critical resources are available to recover the function on the agreed time to continue operations.
  3. Support the implementation of operationally practical solutions to efficiently maintain projects related to Business Continuity and Risk Management.

Incident Management

  1. Monitor local news, rules and regulations such as MOPH requirements, labor law, severe weather warnings, and major country wide events in order to undertake forward planning and anticipate any potential operational disruption
  2. Providing 24/7 on-call support for any emergency, which may require activation of all or part of the business continuity plans and ensure necessary resources are arranged and available as per department to manage the incident.

Training and awareness:

  1. Initiate and promote continuous improvement, and learning culture within organization under direct supervision of the line Manager.
  2. Create, develop and conduct Business Continuity and Risk Management awareness briefings and trainings whenever required, to enhance the awareness level of Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management preparedness.

Selection of supply chain and outsourcing:

  1. Jointly assist the line manager in evaluating the Business Continuity preparedness of contractors for critical functions.

Testing and exercising

  1. Manages the administration and logistical procedures for business continuity exercising of all essential functions in BCMS scope.
  2. Utilize previous incidents and business interruptions to develop different exercise scenarios for all departments and monitor its implementation.
  3. Assist the line Manager in performing periodic tests of established Business Continuity Plans and procedures, reporting findings to management and making recommendations for improvements as needed.

Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation

  1. Plan and prepare necessary documents and evidences for external audits by closely working with all HIA departments.
  2. Prepare internal audit programme and propose audit frequency for critical systems in line with department agreement.
  3. Conduct BCMS internal audits as per audit programme, gather audit findings and prepare audit report for management review.


Bachelor’s Degree with 4+ Years of relevant experience.

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