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  • Date Posted : November 15, 2021
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Job Description

Are you passionate enough about organic & natural living styles to become Magnifique Dame’s Brand Ambassador?

Understanding the role

A brand ambassador is the “face” of Magnifique Dame, representing us on social media platforms, specific events, public events, product demonstrations, and so on. A brand ambassador is also someone who uses personal established networks & relationships for marketing our brand. For example, by word-of-mouth or social media platforms to generate more leads into our brand and ultimately drive the sales of our products.

What is expected from a Brand Ambassador (BA)?

Magnifique Dame Ambassador is expected to:

  • Represent Magnifique Dame positively in a multitude of settings.
  • Play an active role in creating content for our website, testimonials, and social media platforms.
  • Participate in any event marketing related to Magnifique Dame.
  • Generate brand awareness.
  • Provide continuous feedback.
  • Can join the testing panel to test new products.
  • Provide insight on the most wanted or popular products in the market.
  • Promote Magnifique Dame by their social media accounts.
  • Anticipate face-to-face interactions (this is limited during the COVID pandemic for the safety of our ambassadors. However, ambassadors should expect this when circumstances allow).
  • Attend meetings regularly as and when scheduled, either physically or virtually.
  • BONUS: work with big stores and merchandise to stock our brand in their stores.
  • BONUS: work with online shopping platforms to sell and advertise for our brand.

Requirements & Qualifications

Magnifique Dame requires the following to become a Brand Ambassador:

  • Must be 20 years old and above (Identification or proof is required).
  • Must be an enthusiastic and outgoing person.
  • Must have an existing social media influence.
  • Must have at least 1K real followers on Instagram.

Magnifique Dame Brand Ambassador Program doesn’t require a particular educational/academic background or level as long as the applicant is:

  • Passionate about sustainable organic and natural beauty.
  • Understand how the business of sustainable organic and natural beauty works and the implications on the environment.
  • Familiar with the world of marketing to a certain extent.
  • Trusted by their community, friendly, committed, charismatic, energetic, a knack for social media (highly engaged), and with a flexible schedule.
  • Able to communicate, speak, write, and read either English or Arabic. Other languages are BONUS!
  • Has some experience as a brand ambassador – BONUS!

What to expect?

Brand Ambassadors will have the following benefits:​

  • A unique discount code for each brand ambassador to be used by customers for sales generated by them.
  • A commission on sales generated by the brand ambassador’s personal code.
  • Early access to new products.
  • Ambassadors will not be treated as company employees but are expected to perform according to all listed above and the contract agreement signed between them and Magnifique Dame.

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