School Pastoral Care Coordinator – American Academy School

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  • Date Posted : November 3, 2022
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About the job

Job Summary

School Pastoral Care Coordinator provides support for the Behavior Inclusion Team, taking prompt, direct action on pastoral issues, liaising with Heads of Departments and the teachers with responsibility for pastoral care. It is their responsibility to address incidents as they arise, follow up issues referred to them by the Behavior Inclusion Staff and support them with various aspects.


Bachelor’s in any field related to education and Admin / Diploma


Minimum of three years’ experience as Pastoral Coordinator

Reports To

Head of Department

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To provide high quality care for all Students.
  • To support and guide all students in their personal development.
  • To help reduce the social and emotional barriers to learning for vulnerable students.
  • To ensure high standards of behavior across all assigned grade levels.
  • To play a full role in the management of behavior in the school.
  • To supervise whole school sanctions such as detention and isolation as part of pastoral duties.
  • To act as a mentor for targeted students and monitor their behavior.
  • To investigate incidents of poor students’ behavior as they arise or as directed.
  • To keep up-to-date records of student’s behavior, actions taken and parental meetings using the school’s information management systems
  • To contact and meet with parents where needed.
  • To support the Behavior Inclusion Team in organizing, managing, supervising, and evaluating pastoral events during the academic year
  • To work with the Learning Team and the Behavior Inclusion Team to identify appropriate support for targeted, vulnerable, and at-risk students.
  • To work with social worker to organize the most appropriate provision for targeted, vulnerable, and at-risk students.
  • To provide administrative support to the Guidance Team, including producing reports on individual students and groups of students.
  • To attend meetings with Parents and record the MOM.
  • Arrange teacher substitute.
  • Manages in school suspensions and detentions.
  • Responsible for checking the student’s attendance and should submit the absences to Administration.
  • Files all Behavioral Reports for records.
  • To provide support and advice to students in line with promoting their academic achievement, social care, and personal development
  • To encourage positive attitudes to learning and behavior in and around school
  • To be on-call and be available to respond as needed throughout the day.
  • To collect and collate statements relating to incidents, following up directly when appropriate.
  • To liaise with individual teachers and departments in relation to the behavior and progress of individuals and group of students
  • To liaise with the students and Family Welfare Team, the Inclusion Team and SENCO as necessary for individual students
  • To record incidents using the school’s information systems and keep records of incidents dealt with – e.g., bullying, racial incident files.
  • To be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to Child Protection and all aspects of safeguarding children.
  • To contribute to the review and evaluation of school intervention strategies in consultation with the Social Worker to maintain high standards of behavior.
  • To carry out such other duties and responsibilities as may be agreed with the HOD from time to time.
  • To play a full part in the life of the school community, to support its mission and vision and to encourage and ensure staff and students to follow this example.
  • To support the school in meeting its legal requirements
  • To promote actively the school’s policies
  • To comply with the school’s health and safety policy and undertake risk assessments as appropriate.
  • To be a leading professional in every way and provide a role model in terms of effectiveness and standards.

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