Director of Athletics and Activities

Company: Full Time International School of London
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  • Date Posted: October 6, 2022
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job

Scope: Primary, Middle, and High School / Whole School Leader of Learning

Reporting to: Head of School

To fill this role effectively, the successful candidate will need to have a diverse range of qualities, competencies, and experience. A Director of Athletics and Activities should be a visionary, inclusive, and passionate team member who will contribute to the development and maintenance of a comprehensive athletics and activities programme, including inter-school events. S/he needs to have a clear understanding of how to identify, implement, and coordinate a broad extra-curricular program across the school that allows each student and staff to participate in a variety of challenging and meaningful activities. The successful candidate will model the ISL Qatar mission, values, and beliefs in action as a member of various teams across the school, particularly in terms of international mindedness and intercultural understanding.

Qualifications and Experience: The school prefers people who:

Possess a minimum of three years Director of Athletics and Activities, Extracurricular Activities Coordinator, or other related leadership positions.

Hold teaching and leadership qualifications, preferably a bachelor’s degree in physical education, and a master’s degree or licensures in leadership, sports management, or related fields.

Possess a minimum of two to three years of coaching experience, sports management, athletics administration, or related field.

Possess IB teaching and leadership experience.

Demonstrate vision and lead the development and implementation of the school’s strategic plan for athletics and activities, providing motivation and direction.

Demonstrate successful experience with the recruitment, development and supervision of coaches and activity instructors.

Possess international experience and/or experience working in a diverse, multicultural environment.

Exemplify excellent interpersonal skills with proven experience of fostering a positive school spirit amongst students, staff, and the wider community.

Possess professional working proficiency in spoken and written English.


The purpose of this role is to provide highly effective collaborative leadership to support whole school and the continuous development of extra-curricular activities. S/he implements the school vision in an inspiring, innovative fashion and ensures that a clear direction for school development is understood and adhered to by all members of the ISL Qatar staff.

S/he monitors the progress of students in all extra-curricular activities through close liaison with

teachers, staff, parents, and any external agencies used.

S/he takes care of the administration of the extra-curricular activities and liaison between all of the extra-curricular activities and ensure that all documentation and records associated to the extracurricular activities are completed, recorded and maintained on the relevant systems (e.g. SharePoint, Teams, iSAMS).

S/he should provide regular reports regarding student participation in the extra-curricular programme.

Knowledge and Skills. S/he should:

Foster the values, dispositions, behaviours, attitudes, and attributes of the ISL Qatar values and IB learner profile across all members of the ISL Qatar community.

Be internationally minded and culturally sensitive, with a commitment to developing global citizenship and community action.

Possess excellent communication and collaborative skills.

Demonstrate a growth mindset and be a strategic leader of the athletic and extra-curricular program development.

Have a strong record of learning, achievement, and leadership in international schools, preferably with experience of more than one of the International Baccalaureate Programmes and other international programmes.

Be able to lead, manage and develop an expanding international school and help to nurture team spirit amongst the faculty and students.

Have experience of implementing and leading collaborative change in international schools.

Have extensive experience of international athletic developments and extracurricular activities based on best practice, and be innovative in applying them in practice.

Have the ability of generating, managing, and leading a busy calendar of student activities and events.

Have an excellent command of spoken and written English.

Roles, responsibilities, and expectations:


In collaboration with the relevant Heads of Section, the Director of Athletics and Activities organizes, publicises, and manages extra-curricular opportunities across the school and the sports program – PHE, Performing Arts (Music and Drama), and school tours such as Week Without Walls activities by:

providing adequate practice and playing facilities, as well as assistance with the upkeep of athletic and recreational facilities

liaising and organising all travel documentation for all school-related trips

ensuring that all necessary student information is collected, stored, and updated as needed, such as consent forms and medical forms.

S/he oversees troubleshooting the programs’ day-to-day operations. and is responsible for the safety and well-being of students at all times, on and off campus.

Budget, Ordering and Resource Management

The Director of Athletics and Activities contributes to the development of the school budget and supervises and coordinates budgets for programs and activities, including student trips both locally and internationally.

S/he budgets for and purchases all equipment and uniforms. S/he assists in the requisitioning and issuing of athletic and activities equipment.

S/he assists in maintaining an inventory of all athletic and activities equipment.

S/he supervises and evaluates the coaches, athletics staff, and non-academic staff within the department.

Athletics and Extra-Curricular Development:

The Director of Athletics and Activities participates in the development, implementation and oversight of the athletics program and extra-curricular activities, and assessment in all school divisions.

S/he promotes, schedule or coordinate local (and international) interscholastic sports competition, tournaments, and team travels.

Coordination of Fundraising Activities:

The Director of Athletics and Activities assist in the organization of appropriate calendared events and support the various relevant fundraising efforts throughout the year. S/he should work with the Parent-School Association to ensure the smooth running of extra-curricular activities at PSA events.

Communication and Collaboration

The Director of Athletics and Activities collaborates and communicates effectively and appropriately within the school community by responding to all parent and staff questions, issues, concerns, and ensures all media opportunities are fully exploited through school publications.

Professional Learning:

The Director of Athletics and Activities oversees the professional learning of her/himself and others that results in enhancement of student development through athletics and extracurricular activities.

S/He evaluates the athletics and activities staff performance and gives the appropriate recommendations for training or professional learning.

Strategic Leadership:

The Director of Athletics and Activities provides guidance and strategic direction for the school’s athletics and activities programs by reflecting the values of the school’s mission, vision, and core values. S/he will support and uphold all school policies and participates in the preparation for IB authorizations and evaluations, as well as for accreditation visits. S/he will take on any relevant additional tasks as directed by the Head of School.

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