Technical Superintendent

Company: Full Time Nakilat Sector: Maritime, Port & Shipping
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted : April 22, 2024
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

Position: Technical Superintendent

Section : Fleet

Company : Nakilat

Location : Doha – Qatar

Job Summary and Purpose

Lead the overall technical management (including technical services provided by third party managers) of LNG/LPG vessels under direct management of NSQL, in a reliable, safe and cost efficient manner. Support various projects and studies related to fleet in order to ensure efficient and reliable operations, as well as ensure that all ships are being operated in compliance with the applicable regulations and legislations as well as class requirements and industry standards.

Key Accountabilities:


1. Maintain high technical and operational standards for the vessels in order to meet the reliability benchmarks.

2. Strive to achieve industry-wide best standards for vessels, dry docking, repairs and performance by application of statistical analysis on repair periods, frequency of repairs, time of repairs, etc. as well as preparation of database containing details of fuel consumption, equipment failure and spare parts. Also schedule periodic ship visits and inspections in order to track achievement against best standards.

3. Contribute to various projects and studies related to fleet in order to improve quality and standards of vessels.

4. Develop policies and procedures related to ship management, and ensure sign off through MOC process.

Maintenance System:

5. Monitor the system of planned maintenance while ensuring that the same is kept up-to-date and compliant to regulatory requirements.

6. Assist in the technical and feasibility analysis pertaining to new or replaced vessels equipment and systems.

Operational Support:

7. Render expert technical and marine engineering advice as well as assist in shipping in order to ensure reliable, safe and cost efficient operations.

8. Resolve all technical issues and propose solutions and recommendation for the same. Explore any improvement or modification required in vessels while also tracking their status for implementation.

Financial Support:

9. Prepare budget for vessels, track variances with actual costs as well as take steps to control those variances.

10. Ensure that expenditures are controlled while making sure that set standards are maintained, unplanned issues resolved and vessel performance maximized.

11. Participate, as required, with purchase section in tender evaluation and tender preparation for sourcing of equipment, spare parts and support services.

12. Provide justification and clearance for contractors and service providers’ invoices against materials supplied or services provided to the fleet

Regulatory Support:

13. Ensure that vessels comply with all regulatory requirements including class and flag as well as certificates and surveys being valid and up-to-date.

14. Monitor environmental compliance of vessels and its operations.


15. Conduct periodic safety & technical audits, vetting of vessels as well as tracking status of incident investigation. Also prepare systems for incident response and contingency plans as part of the risk management exercise.

16. Performs duties and responsibilities under the guidance of Company Incident Commander as stipulated by Emergency Response Plan.

17. Also render emergency response and support in event of incidents and/or emergencies to the vessel or company as the need be.

Staff Performance:

18. Manage ship staff in term of monitoring their performance, undertake appraisals and coordinate with Marine Personnel Department on recommendations.

Dry Docking:

19. Prepare, arrange and review dry docking specifications and documentations prior to and post every dry-docking.

20. Attend and monitor the dry docking to ensure safety, efficiency, accuracy, quality and time schedule of repair work .

21. Monitor personally all details of dry-docking and major planned repairs and ensure that these are in accordance to the Maintenance System in place (SMS)

22. Participate in price negotiations in post dock review meetings.

Relationship Management:

23. Maintain interaction on issues related to potential fleet projects and long-term technical issues with third party managers.

24. Guide supply and contracts division on entering into strategic contracts with key vendors and parallel agreements with third party managers.

Qualifications, Experience and Job Skills


• Marine Engineering degree (Class 1), preferably in motors and steam, or any other equivalent/relevant degree.

• Sailed as chief engineer on board LNG/VLG Carriers


• Minimum 8-12 years’ overall experience, with a minimum 2 years’ experience in a similar capacity supervising LNG/LPG vessels, OR

• Minimum 2 years’ experience of managing large scale repairs/maintenance activities on LPG/LNG vessels, OR

• Minimum 2 years’ experience as Chief Engineer on board LNG/LPG vessels

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