PYP Coordinator

Company: Full Time Hamilton International School Sector: Education, Teaching & Training
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted : April 21, 2024
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

Scope: Primary

Reporting to: Head of Primary

In order to fill this role effectively the person taking on the role will need to have a range of qualities, competences and experience. The IB PYP Coordinator should be an outstanding leader, with excellent interpersonal skills. He/She should be an innovative and exemplary teacher, motivator and communicator and should be capable of managing complex projects and systems. He/She should be able to provide professional leadership for the IBPYP to secure high quality teaching and learning, make effective use of resources and ensure improved standards of achievement for all IBPYP students. The IBPYP Coordinator is a member of the Primary Leadership Team (PLT).


  • Knowledge and Skills. He/She should
  • possess excellent communication skills and be willing to adapt to the demands of an international school, in particular he/she should be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing in English and/or Arabic.
  • be able to manage, lead and develop an expanding IBPYP programme and in particular develop the team spirit of those working within the IBPYP
  • have the ability to manage a diverse and demanding workload
  • be able to provide support and guidance for teachers and students involved in the IBPYP programme in academic and pastoral matters
  • promote international education and encourage a variety of styles to create inspirational learning opportunities for all students
  • have a high level of understanding of current research as to how children and teachers learn and teach and possess the ability to motivate students and teachers to perform to their best
  • be familiar with IBPYP courses and in particular he/she should be able to teach IBPYP up to G5
  • have a high level of awareness of current developments in international education
  • Responsibilities. He/She will be expected to
  • To be a member of the IBPYP strategic planning team.
  • To be familiar with, and ensure that the school complies with, all IBPYP regulations
  • To design, develop, implement and review all IBPYP policy documents and strategic plans, in conjunction with members of the IBPYP team.
  • To liaise with the PLT in matters concerning the IBPYP staffing requirements and timetable design.
  • To create opportunities for teachers to design, develop, implement and review the IBPYP curricula and schemes of work for students in the IBPYP, especially collaborative units.
  • To design, develop, implement and review assessment, reporting and record-keeping systems for the implementation of the IBPYP, especially IBPYP Unit of Inquiry planners and portfolios.
  • To liaise with the PLT regarding IBPYP student discipline and pastoral needs.
  • To liaise with the H&S team on safety matters relating to IBPYP students.
  • To design, develop, implement and review IBPYP professional development for staff.
  • To contribute to the design, development, implementation and review of assessment procedures for IBPYP staff in accordance with the teacher assessment system.
  • To liaise with the PLT on day to day running of the IBPYP including, timetable, duties, admissions, parents meetings, routine parent communications, etc.
  • To manage the budget and resources of the IBPYP, in particular to assist in the ordering, maintenance, inventory, record keeping and advice on resources and equipment, including publications, hardware, software and facilities.
  • To organise and facilitate a schedule of ongoing collaborative planning opportunities (including for Exhibition) for classroom teachers, Mother Tongue teachers, specialist staff, the PYP Coordinator and the Head of Primary
  • To develop promotional material for the IBPYP.
  • To hold regular IBPYP meetings, represent the IBPYP programme at PLT meetings and communicate the proceedings of all meetings to the members of the IBPYP team.
  • To collect and disseminate all information relating to the IBPYP throughout the school, and in particular to ensure that those involved have access to all relevant IBPYP publications, enabling them to follow the required curriculum and apply the correct assessment procedures.
  • To develop a positive attitude towards the IBPYP programme in the school and wider community through presentations, cooperative relations, publications, competitions etc.
  • To enhance the professional standing of the IBPYP teaching body.
  • Have a minimum of 50% programme coordination time
  • Specific Responsibilities. Specific current issues to be addressed include:
  • Share the above roles and responsibilities with the EC & KG Coordinator.
  • To prepare for the IB PYP authorization and evaluation visits.
  • To develop collaborative, inter-disciplinary IB PYP units of study.
  • To establish excellent communication channels with parents to keep them informed about the progress of their children

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