K2 Homeroom Teacher (Qatar Residents Only) – Hayat Universal School (HUBS)

Company: Full Time Jobs in Qatar Sector: Education, Teaching & Training
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted : April 18, 2024
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

This job is located in a BC Offshore School in Doha, Qatar


Classroom teacher duties will include:

  • Planning and implementing lessons that follow the school learning-outcomes-based curriculum and the approach of integrated thematic instruction
  • Using effective teaching strategies, learning and professional resources available for the grade to support instruction within curriculum guidelines and with the use of school mandated instructional frameworks and programs to create opportunities for differentiated learning for students with different skill levels or learning styles
  • Providing enrichment events and activities including but not limited to field trips, showcases, concerts, plays and productions. Events may be organized at a class level and/or a school-wide level
  • Communicating assignments and objectives to students in a well-organized manner, using clear and precise language
  • Sending homework assignments that are an extension of clearly defined school activities, appropriate to the age, ability, and independent level of students, to provide opportunities for students to enrich, apply and review lessons and practice skills they have learned, including open-ended student activities
  • Diagnosing, instructing and evaluating the specific needs for students who are struggling to meet grade expectations and seeking assistance as necessary from the School Support Program
  • Using As Learning and For Learning Assessments to monitor student progress in order to plan instruction and provide feedback on a regular basis to students, their parents and the school administration
  • Actively engage in discussions and planning that take place at the Grade Level Team level and within Teams across different grade levels, to enhance consistency of practice and student achievement
  • Preparing formal report cards and engaging in parent conferences according to the set dates
  • Establishing and maintaining fair and just standards for student behavior, with the guidance of the school Code of Conduct, to create an effective and safe learning environment
  • Supervising students in the classroom, on the school campus and off-campus at school- related activities
  • Guiding, motivating and supervising the classroom assistant, if one is assigned to the class you are teaching
  • Maintaining accurate, complete and legible records as required by the school policy
  • Attending and taking an active role in staff meetings including those focused on analyzing student assessment and data for the purpose of growth planning
  • Communicating concerns, ideas and information with colleagues, students, the school administration, parents and the community in a professional and constructive manner
  • Maintaining a positive professional relationship with parents for the benefit of their children, including but not limited to informing them of upcoming-week lesson summaries, behavioral issues and their children’s progress
  • Displaying willingness to understand the local culture and handle the cultural nuances in a caring and respectful manner
  • Participating in professional development organized by the school
  • Attend Saturday school, not to exceed eight sessions for the school year
  • The official working hours are from 6:30 am to 2:20 pm. All classes start at 7:00 am. With the exception of K2, BC Program classes end at 2:05 pm. K2 classes end at 1:10 pm. Classroom teachers are expected to stay with their children until they are picked up, which normally is between 20 – 30 minutes after the end of classes.
  • After-school meetings are conducted once a week from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm where attendance is required. Three of these events are used for collaboration. The fourth is for staff meetings
  • Working after school for a specific length of time on planned days (shared through the calendar List of Events) to make up the targeted number of professional development hours
  • Meetings with parents of at-risk students would take place after the official working hours as needed
  • Duties carried out when you are not teaching:
  • Prep using the Library, IT Lab or one of the Curriculum & Instruction or staff rooms
  • Entry assessment for new students applying to the school. Entry assessment normally takes place between January – June of and September – October of the following year. During peak months, a teacher may have to do 3-4 entry assessments a week. Each entry assessment lasts for 30-40 minutes on average. Peak months are April – May and September – October of the following year
  • Staff meetings or other staff/administration events
  • Substituting for another teacher, if requested by the Principal, to address emergency situations. (Note: the school has a full-time substitute teacher)
  • Performing other related, similar or logical duties as required or assigned. This may include change of the teaching assignment based on the school needs and taking into consideration your experience, competencies and subject of specialty


  • Qatar resident
  • Teachers with a Bachelor degree in Education or English Language
  • A minimum of two years of experience is required.
  • Experience in differentiated learning and student inquiry instruction is strongly preferred
  • Experience in ESL education is strongly preferred
  • International experience and/or an attitude of respect to other cultures is needed.


  • Starting salary can range from QR 7,550 – 9,175 monthly for bachelor degree holders, with two years’ experience who are willing to commit for two year contracts
  • End of service benefit equivalent to one month basic monthly salary for every full year of service. The basic salary is 70% of the gross salary quoted above.
  • Local medical insurance.
  • The school will arrange your work permit and bear the cost of Qatar government fee to issue the permit.

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