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  • Date Posted : August 30, 2022
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job


Deep Proactive Engagement

  • Collaborates with various sellers and business stakeholders to achieve revenue targets. Leverages critical resources (e.g., business desk, sales support, partners, finance) to drive business outcomes. Orchestrates high levels of strategic conversations internally or externally. Proactively engages with others to align commercial strategy to customer needs. Serves as trusted business partner and advisor to partners to ensure that solutions are aligned to customer commercial strategic needs. Acts as a trusted advisor to determine how commercial licensing and contracting should be changed to best meet customer needs. Drives accountability in resolving cross-functional issues to successful conclusion. Engages in feedback loop to corporate to improve/simplify contractual commercial to meet business needs or market opportunities. Contribute to overall success by driving strong team collaboration, cross segment and cross group collaboration. Contributes to teams by sharing knowledge, supporting the onboarding of others in the same role and proactively seeking help.
  • Leverages knowledge of customer business needs and desired outcomes to achieve revenue goals using ethical selling methods. Contributes to developing pricing scenarios and proposals; and develops industry knowledge and conducts competitive analysis to contribute to crafting commercial solutions. Acts as a trusted advisor both internally and with customers in the sales process. Ensures appropriate monetization of commercial solutions. Contributes to early engagement, planning and ideation process. Contributes to account territory planning appropriately. Crafts close plan strategies. Aligns language of renewal or negotiation to customer’s understanding.
  • Leads internal sales and management teams through sales process optimizing for the right level of investment and customization. Accomplishes tasks across stakeholders with appropriate breadth and depth. Crafts deals that will process, including any standard or custom amendments and documentation. Leverages internal resources to assist with customer queries regarding contract terms. Finalizes legal amendments reflecting operational and other requirements; granted in specific customer situations. Handles objections and may negotiate contractual amendments within empowerment. Contributes to the development of deal strategies to present offers to clients. Engages with stakeholders to ensure that efforts are executed effectively and that milestones are being reached. Ensures that the appropriate value has been sold and that the deployment plan has been considered. Leverages understanding of sales science (e.g., pipeline metrics, closed rates, competitive selling) to establish a strategic sales execution cadence. Analyzes multiple data inputs quickly and develops strategic decision making to ensure the best sales and revenue production and velocity through management team where appropriate. Develops an outlook on upcoming business opportunities for their territory.
  • Proactively identifies business opportunities which vary based on deal lifecycle and artificial intelligence (AI) (e.g., upsell/cross-sell, expanding footprint, transformational). Uses knowledge of both customer and Microsoft commercial strategies to seize new opportunities that grow the Microsoft annuity footprint. Proactively consults account team unit (ATU) to maximize pipeline conversion. Prioritizes execution appropriately. Leverages knowledge to secure upsells for proven value. Works with account teams to identify growth opportunities and solutions. Creates and utilizes multiple equivalent offers (MEOs) that further internal alignment and maximize desired outcomes. Oversees offers. Demonstrates knowledge of monetization of products and solutions. Understands limitations on deal making (e.g., understands when it is appropriate and not appropriate to follow through with a deal). Develops customer-centric offers by engaging with and aligning account teams around the deal(s) that they are casting. Works alongside account team members to determine how opportunities in the account plan may be most effectively monetized. Builds the best contract structure to enable capitalization on opportunities.


Required/Minimum Qualifications

  • 7+ years sales and negotiation experience
  • OR Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Information Technology, Law, Marketing (or equivalent) or related field AND 5+ years sales and negotiation experience or related work or internship experience
  • OR equivalent experience.

Additional Or Preferred Qualifications

  • 9+ years of sales and negotiation experience
  • OR Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Information Technology, Law, Marketing (or equivalent) or related field AND 7+ years sales and negotiation experience or related work or internship experience
  • OR Master’s Degree in Business Management, Information Technology, Law, Marketing (or equivalent) AND 6+ years of sales and negotiation experience or related work
  • OR equivalent experience.

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