Executive Director – Research Core Facilities and Director of Digital Health Core

Company: Full Time Sidra Medicine
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: January 15, 2024
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job


The Executive Director – Research Core Facilities and Director of Digital Health Core is responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of activities related to the Division. S/he is responsible for the development of Sidra’s research portfolio and ensuring that planned outcomes are achieved as well as coordination of Bioinformatics, Informatics/scientific computing, and clinical informatics activities between the research and the clinical interfaces.


  • Identifies and articulates the vision, strategic direction, and growth of the Research Branch’s Core Facilities and develops implementation strategies to achieve them.
  • Accountable for the financial performance and management of all budgets within the division.
  • Accountable for the Division’s performance, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance of the Division.
  • Makes decision on strategic plans which affect the division and complements overall Sidra Research strategy.
  • Mentors and oversees the program for Digital Health Sciences.
  • Deputizes the Chief Research Officer during his/ her absence, and becomes his delegate and acts within this capacity during his absence.
  • Represents the Chief Research Officer in internal/ external meetings when s/he is not present.
  • Contributes to the Research branch strategy and setting long term and short term goals.
  • Promotes leadership and direction for the development of strategies to promote the recruitment, retention, and direct mission of excellence for the research staff, and collaborates with the Directors to execute the strategies.
  • Responsible for the development of an integrated research platform within Sidra, harmonized with the resources available in the Qatar community.
  • Facilitates the implementation of the leadership vision by bi-directionally coordinating basic research strategies with translational clinical studies.
  • Develops and implements policies and procedures that guide and support the provision of divisional services.
  • Sets and achieves targets to drive continuous assessment and improvement of the quality of services provided and initiates actions for necessary improvements according to Sidra Board initiatives.
  • Ensures effective communication and involvement of all staff within the Division in regards to key decisions and initiatives
  • As a member of the Research leadership team, informs the decision making process particularly when significant capital investment in research equipment and infrastructure is projected.
  • Establishes guidelines for development of educational programs at all levels to maintain high level of competence among research and research-affiliated staff within his/her division and in harmony with the other divisions.
  • Develops a strategic plan to build and grow the division.
  • Establishes educational programs to support training activities among research and research-affiliated staff either internally using Sidra resources or by collaborating with other institutions through tele or other audiovisual technology.
  • Guides and impacts long term research initiatives and plans of the Division.
  • Organizes lecture series, meetings, workshops and other educational activities to support advanced training of Sidra employees involved in research activities.
  • Develops and nurtures relationship with other educational institutions in Qatar and abroad to establish scholarly exchange programs at various career stages.
  • Adheres to Sidra’s standards as they appear in the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.
  • Adheres to and promotes Sidra’s Values.



M.D. or Ph.D. in a life sciences or related scientific discipline


15+ years of experience in leadership in complex organizations or a similar academic health center including:

Experience in coordinating multiple research projects.

Extensive experience in leadership in complex organizations or a similar academic health center.

Extensive experience in managing multicultural research environments.

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