Head of Corporate Planning & Business Excellence

Company: Full Time Nakilat
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: December 11, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

Position: Head of Corporate Planning & Business Excellence

Section: Corporate Planning & Business Excellence

Company: Nakilat

Location: Doha, Qatar


Job Summary and Purpose

Lead the development and review of the corporate strategy and business plan, as well as track progress against it and advise on the required actions/changes and continuous improvement activities as needed. The role shall actively contribute cascading corporate strategy into divisional/functional strategies (Finance strategy, IT strategy, Supply Strategy…etc.) in alignment with the corporate overall strategy and ensure all initiatives related to in place for enhancing business excellence and efficiency.


Corporate Planning Key Accountabilities:

1. Engage in developing, implementing and improving the short and long-term business plans and corporate strategy according to market needs and wants.

2. Assist the business to prioritize initiatives and potential investment opportunities in line with the Corporate direction.

3. Lead, and supervise quality audits, self-assessments and reviews to improve strengths and areas of improvement.

4. Initiate and organize best practice activities aimed at enhancing business practices through a team approach.

5. Influence Corporate Strategy through your team’s collation of industry intelligence, trends, competitor profiling etc. and recommendation of strategic action at a senior level.

6. Facilitate and support various departments to develop the corporate strategy down to department strategic and business plan level.

7. Based on set intervals, collect data and report on the achievement of quality plans and suggest appropriate corrective and preventive action where necessary.

8. Identifying and fostering innovative initiatives and development programs that would lead to reach organization strategic capabilities and excel among various business functions.

9. Support the Risk function in driving their ERM during the planning cycle.

10. Research and identifying continual improvement concepts, focusing on standards compliances; quality assurance management.

11. Perform any other duty within the context of the job role as will be discussed during interview.

Business Excellence Key Accountabilities:

12. Actively participate in cross functional teams to develop and refine the Vision, Mission and strategy of Nakilat, to ensure quality policies and key processes are aligned with Excellence schemes.

13. Assist in managing the quality planning for Nakilat and its operating entities/subsidiaries, based on the overall Excellence guidelines, mission and vision of the organization.

14. Implement the agreed Quality Measures and reporting methods to track Nakilat compliance plan with the Excellence Model

15. Assist in the implementation of a framework for benchmarking and generation of data for best practice

16. Assess evidence, data and information that are relevant to the submission document and lead the corporate planning Team to prepare the trend analysis.

17. Conduct Business Excellence awareness sessions for different business units to identify the required action plans in terms of business excellence.

18. Assist and follow up the assigned action plans of business units according to the implementation plan

19. Conduct self-assessment using the RADAR Scoring Matrix

20. Support operational teams in delivering excellent customer experience by providing timely and accurate forecasting, resourcing/capacity planning and reporting.

21. Take an active role in the development of policies and procedures to ensure that effective checkpoints and balances are included to generate quality output of services and products.

22. Research and report the latest and updated “Excellence” knowledge base

23. Manage the participation in the Excellence Awards Program


Master’s Degree in business administration/MBA (with a focus on corporate strategy and excellence)

Globally recognized credential certification in Quality and Excellence Assessment Programs such as Six Sigma EFQM, DQG, ISO etc.


8 to 15 years of strategy and business excellence experience in a multicultural environment, with exposure to leadership roles.

Job Specific Skills:

Experience in the application of strategic planning processes.

Experience in financial and operational performance processes.

Experience in overall project management tools and techniques.

Ability to develop strategy formulation, monitoring and reporting.

Ability to produce timely, accurate and effective reports.

Ability to perform control reviews in all areas of business.

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