Production Manager

Company: Full Time Ali Bin Ali Holding
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: November 25, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job


  • Manage the production and ensure that there is proper planning, organization and control. Production Manager ensures that the production process is properly adhered to. He oversees the team to ensure that they are fully utilized and ensures that the final product meets the quality standards set by the company and the client.



  • The Production Manager’s responsibility is to ensure that goods are produced efficiently at the right amount, cost and level of quality
  • Oversee production process
  • Plan and organize production schedule and adjust when necessary
  • Determining staffing and equipment needs
  • Ensures production is cost effective
  • Plan and utilize human and material resources effectively
  • Liaise among different department heads to ensure smooth operation
  • Conducts performance review for direct reports
  • Works with Managers to implement company’s policies and goals
  • Ensures health and safety guidelines in the production are followed
  • Facilitates on site visit of equipment supplier’s engineers and technicians
  • Monitoring production standards to ensure that they meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Prepare production progress report


  • Conducts study and analysis on production flow process to maximize production at the minimum lead time
  • Create Job Order monitoring report to ensure that delivery timelines are met
  • Analyses staff behavior and skill sets in order to make them more productive
  • Analyses production planning and control and engineer new techniques to improve production output

People Management

  • Conducts regular meeting with the Line Supervisor to evaluate performance and to create team building
  • Coaches and mentors Line Supervisors and or Production staff to enhance skills and improve performance
  • Conducts training and motivates staff to grow and hone their potential
  • Encourages Line Supervisor to report section performance
  • Motivates Teamwork and initiates team building


  • Study existing market and or printing sample and checks the possibility of adapting the same technique and refer to a higher level for approval
  • Identifies needs of the market and conducts research for any new printing technology
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and advancements as digital technology constantly evolving
  • Provides recommendations for any new information acquired from outside that can be useful in improving the production
  • Acquires formal studies and training related to printing/digital production that is beneficial to work

Education and Qualification

  • Bachelor’s/University Degree in any business-related course or Printing Technology
  • Must possess good technical skills in printing
  • Familiarity with production planning and scheduling
  • Knowledgeable of production equipment and process
  • Familiarity with Oracle is a plus

Work Experience

  • Minimum of 5 years of working experience in the field of Printing Industry/Digital Production handling the same capacity  as the Production Head

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