Learning Technologies Integrator / Coach

Company: Full Time International School of London
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: November 4, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

Reporting to: Leader of Tech Hub

To fulfil this role, the Learning Technologies Integrator/coach must possess diverse qualities and experience. They should be an adaptable and inspiring educator capable of supporting learning technologies in an inquiry-based IB programme. The ideal candidate should be an outstanding facilitator and communicator, fostering creativity in the community. The learning technologies integrator should empower the community through targeted support, coaching, and collaboration to develop technology literacy. Additionally, they should provide professional expertise to support the community in achieving its goals and objectives.


Qualifications And Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences & technologies or equivalent
  • A teaching degree or certificate with teaching experience
  • Minimum of three years experience in the transformation of learning technology integration
  • Understanding or experience in IB programmes is highly preferable.
  • Current Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) & Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer (MIE Trainer) are highly preferable.

Knowledge and Skills

He/She should:

  • be aligned with the ISL values of diversity, passion, identity and understanding
  • possess excellent communication skills and be willing to adapt to the demands of an international school, in particular, he/she should be able to communicate effectively in English. Arabic language knowledge is welcomed
  • have experience in supporting staff and students to transition to digital learning
  • have an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of integrating technology and digital citizenship into the curriculum
  • have a high level of understanding of current research as to how adults and children learn, possess the ability to motivate staff and students to perform at their best
  • possess critical thinking and objective analytical skills
  • have a working knowledge of end-user administration of cloud platforms
  • have leadership skills to support staff and students during a platform change
  • have experience and recent training in technology integration and learning technology platforms such as Microsoft 365, iSams, Seesaw, ManageBac and similar platforms
  • be aware of the principles of Understanding by Design and Assessment for Learning and how learning technologies can support those processes
  • be able to participate fully in an expanding IB school and help to develop the team spirit within the technology teams
  • have the ability to manage a diverse and demanding workload.


  • Serve as a member of the Tech Hub and support planning and implementation of the school’s digital strategy
  • Maintain & develop the school status as Microsoft Showcase School
  • Collaborate with teachers to plan integration of technology into the curriculum, assess their Professional Learning needs, develop targeted professional learning, and provide additional support.
  • Create and maintain an internal catalogue with professional learning strategies based on research to support teachers during the coaching cycle.
  • Provide differentiated and personalised professional growth opportunities for staff. Provide professional learning (PL) opportunities for the school community through offering face-to-face, online or recorded sessions.
  • Build trusting, one-to-one relationships with staff.
  • Assist in assessing and tracking technology skill levels of students and teachers and then use the data to develop a professional development plan for staff.
  • Support the school community with the use of learning technology platforms.
  • Support digital citizenship and academic honesty among the school community.
  • Collaborate with leadership to support the development, implementation, documentation and evaluation of technology learning standards among staff and students.
  • Attend academic departmental and school division meetings regularly.
  • Keep abreast of emerging trends and resources in learning technologies and share these in an effective manner.
  • Support the Tech Hub to resolve basic technical issues and escalate when needed.
  • Any other duties reasonably requested by school leadership teams.

Specific Targets

The successful candidate will assume this post at a crucial stage in the development of ISL Qatar. The following list gives an indication of some of the specific current matters to be addressed.

  • To participate in the current development of learning technologies across the school
  • To support the development of integrated, inquiry-based programmes
  • To support the ongoing implementation of the Microsoft 365 platform
  • Liaise with senior leadership teams and other colleagues regarding the development of strategic vision, including systems, policies and procedures.

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