Purchasing In-charge

Contract @ Premium Solutions Consultancy Sector: Purchasing & Procurement
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  • Date Posted : April 13, 2022
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job

One of the most Reputable Holding groups in Qatar looking to hire the local candidates with NOC only as below:

Job Objectives:

  • Preparation of Local Purchase Order within the time limit as per ISO request.
  • Issue LPO to Approved Suppliers with an updated price list.
  • Search appropriate suppliers to procure materials approved by the consultant.
  • Delivery of payments to suppliers for dispatch of Materials
  • Initial negotiation with suppliers and forward to purchasing manager for agreement.
  • Update pricelist quarterly and forward to manager for finalization.


  • Receive departmental goals and be aware of the quality plan, objectives, and its deadline.
  • Execute the local purchasing upon receipt of the approved Internal Supply Order (ISO) within the time frame of the ISO request.
  • Ensure that materials are available with approved suppliers prior to preparation of LPO.
  • Suggest Project Manager/ ACM for alternatives if materials are not available in stock but ensure that these materials are approved by consultant.
  • Compute price as per approved price list or less depends on the market situation following cost-effective manner.
  • Supply and maintain stationeries and office supplies items as per request and requirement periodically.
  • Use petty cash only on procurement urgency or where our procurement policy (LPO) is not applicable using approved formats and instruction compliance with ISO 9001.
  • Arrange documents as per approval & prepare LPO as per the approved format prescribed by ISO 9001.
  • Follow up with LPO until approval is received from GM/ACM.
  • Ensure all related copies of LPO are delivered or faxed to supplier, account, and distribution to site.
  • Disburse payment to vendors who deal in cash or PDC cheques by collecting from Accounts & settle accounts accordingly.
  • Proceed all banking transactions such as deposits, withdrawal of cash, cheques, and payment of bills to Qtel, Kahramaa or other govt. officials.
  • Handle all personal transactions of Chairman/Managing Directors such as cash, cheques, credit card, and share documents. Etc.
  • Update and maintain supplier list and receive approval quarterly.
  • Evaluate the material suppliers in coordination with project managers, and storekeepers and update accordingly following procedure ISO 9001.
  • Maintain Log of ISO request receipt date and LPO issue date.
  • Discard ISO request after confirming LPO numbers and file till
  • delivery of materials on site.
  • Maintain the department records in safe and accessible places up to the retention period mentioned in the retention list ISO 9001.
  • Coordinate with Projects Managers and site/main stores for material delivery
  • Executing works in accordance with the procedures ISO 9001.
  • Be aware of the Company Quality Policy, Objective, and ISO 9001 system.
  • Periodically review & conduct an informal survey to measure suppliers’ performance on materials delivery on site.
  • Working hours start from normal office hour days or as per the latest instruction from ACM and close as per work pressure.
  • Performs any other similar duties assigned by the Purchasing Manager/ACM.

Expected Deliverables / Accountable:

  • Timely preparation of LPO as per ISO request.
  • Enable suppliers to deliver materials on the requested deadline.
  • Timely submission of all invoices, and documents for preparation of payment/settle accounts.
  • Timely furnish of all personal transactions of Chairman/GM.
  • Updated price list from approved suppliers based on project evaluations.
  • Primary liaison with approved suppliers if delay to deliver materials on site.
  • Preparation of LPO as per approved materials with approved rate list.
  • Initial rate negotiation to procure any materials to follow cost-effectively

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