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Contract @ Premium Solutions Consultancy Sector: Civil Engineering
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  • Date Posted : April 13, 2022
  • Salary: Negotiable
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About the job

One of the most Reputable Holding groups in Qatar looking to hire the local candidates with NOC only as below:

Job Objectives:

  • Oversee and execute site by following approved construction drawing and prescribed policies ISO 9001
  • Mobilize and allocate foremen & manpower to execute the project
  • Follow up to make available of manpower, materials on time
  • Strong backup to project manager by monitoring construction work and feedback to the management of the site.


  • Give full assistance for the Project Manager in all activities required to be delivered to the site in a timely manner and required Quality/Quantity
  • Define the project materials, man powers and equipment’s needed to finish the works assigned on time without delays
  • Issues the Internal supply Requests (ISR) at least four working days of material needs and forwarded it to the Project Manager for approval. (urgent requests shall not exceed 15 % of total requests)
  • Follow up on the ISR execution and items delivery, and report any delay to the Project Manager as needed.
  • Assist Project Manager in Governing and oversight of project activities.
  • Initiate a Fast Accident Report immediately when any accident/incident is noticed, and then forward it to the Safety Officer, Project Manager.
  • In terms of quality required mentoring of works execution and schedule time as per approved drawings and specifications.
  • Ensuring to follow up the addressed overall objectives and program defined by the Project Manager.
  • In coordination with the Project, the manager evaluates the subcontractor who finishes his work within a period not exceeding two weeks after finishing using the approved procedures and forms ISO 9001.
  • Coordinate with the Main Store Storekeeper and Purchasing Managers for material delivery and receiving in coordination with the Project Manager.
  • Supervise the Project staff (as mentioned in the project organizational chart) and make sure that all of them are executing works in accordance with the approved procedures and forms.
  • Improve the performance of the Project staff and procedures in coordination with the Project Manager.
  • Make sure that all employees in the Project are aware of the Company’s Quality Policy, Objective and the ISO 9001 system in coordination with the Project Manager.
  • Follow up and conduct required tests (soil, concrete, etc) on time and maintain a log in coordination with Site QS
  • Prepare Daily program & Site Diary to submit project manager which includes activities that happened on-site to produce a record for analysis
  • Allocation of available resources in cost-effective manner in coordination with the foreman
  • Ensure foremen are executing works with the latest drawings (approved)
  • Study drawing to provide technical clearance to foremen in coordination with the project manager & consultant
  • Timely submission of inspections to proceed with works without any stoppage
  • Seek any clarification with the project manager/consultant if any variance
  • Produce requirement schedule 1 month ahead in coordination with foremen and submit to project manager
  • Recommend required quantities for payment after monitoring subcontractor’s performance (SC) and timely receivable of payment to S/C
  • Update information to the planner/ project manager for progress updates as well monthly invoice claims.
  • Issue non-conformity to project manager if any materials rejected on site
  • Recommend corrective actions to the project manager if delays happen
  • Timely communication of variation to project manager / Site QS
  • Follow up with subcontractors, suppliers for timely completion of works as well delivery of materials
  • Working hours should start upon official start timing (i.e. 6 AM) and end up as per closing of the site depending on the balance of works.
  • Performs any other similar duties assigned by the Project Manager.

Expected Deliverables / Accountable:

  1. Smooth site operation without any shortage of resources
  2. Subcontractors’ works are opened in timely manner
  3. Timely payment to subcontractors/suppliers with sufficient retention
  4. Adequately control on-site to prevent major damages
  5. Available of approved materials and subcontractors on site
  6. Sufficient safety matters applied on site (inclusive of subcontractors) and well documented

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