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Contract @ Premium Solutions Consultancy Sector: HR, Talent & Recruitment
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  • Date Posted : April 15, 2022
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About the job

One of the most Reputable Holding groups in Qatar looking to hire the local candidates with NOC only as below:

Job Objectives:

  • Make available of required manpower from various countries on time.
  • Proper care & logistics were arranged for existing people/incoming.
  • Required legal formalities were proceeded as per State law of Qatar.
  • Regular monitoring & controlling were conducted in daily operation.
  • Staff evaluations were conducted and updated twice a year.
  • Proper training was conducted to upgrade the skills of existing staff.
  • Manpower is existence with a formal contract.


  • Receive approved Quality Plan from ACM and implement accordingly.
  • Communicate Quality plan objectives within staff and guide to proceed.
  • Implement the approved procedures and forms related to Admin and Human Resources Department compliance with ISO 9001:2008.
  • Participate in developing the general HR policies for ALMADAR QMS.
  • Establishing the required job description for all company positions in coordination with the related Managers and ACM.
  • Prepare draft contract for new employees and receive signature.
  • Report findings of ongoing human resource management once in a month after conducting a SWOT analysis and recommend dynamic action plans to upgrade Human Resources management effectively.
  • Attend weekly management meetings and follow up on the action assigned on the specified dates without any delays.
  • Monitor the department’s works and execution is going compliance with ISO 9001:2008.
  • Execute the top management decisions related to the Administration and Personnel Department.
  • Determine required competency for all positions in the company (academic qualification, experience, training, and skills) in coordination with MR & ACM.
  • Update annual training plan for all departments and sections and receive approval from ACM.
  • Assist department heads, and project managers to conduct staff performance appraisals at least yearly by reviewing individual job descriptions and formats prescribed by ISO 9001:2008.
  • Ensure performance appraisal conducted of entire company’s employees at least annually.
  • Submit daily manpower allocation chart to ACM.
  • Summarize the findings of performance and report to ACM with required actions aroused from evaluation.
  • Keep records of training evaluations such as (pre-training, post-training and on-the-job training) and generate Human Resource inventory.
  • Make sure that the records in Administration and Personnel Department are kept up to date and with filing in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.
  • Follow up hiring of new employees and conduct a new employee training program in coordination with MR and ACM using ISO 9001:2008 formats.
  • Support all employees from initial employment to termination including recruiting, orientation, training, promotion, and vacation.
  • Execute approved training program in coordination with the department head/project managers and MR / ACM.
  • Handles employee relations matters and makes decisions regarding disciplinary action as appropriate with absolute confidentiality in coordination with ACM.
  • Involved in confidential personnel matters, which include investigations and disciplinary actions.
  • Ensures accurate documentation of personnel changes and additions to employee files in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.
  • Conducts training sessions as required, including harassment prevention, ethics, employee evaluation steps, documentation and mgmt training.
  • Assists to conduct orientations for ongoing as well new employees.
  • Update Human Resources policies within the current employment law of Qatar.
  • Performance duties as per state law through e-governance.
  • Depth study of State law of Qatar and understands employee benefits and be able to respond to general questions regarding benefit matters.
  • Maintain professional communication, tactfully dealing with employees and recruiting agencies with proper documentation using communication devices such as tel, fax, email etc.
  • Produce data of existing manpower mobility and tracking records using data entry, spreadsheet work, and word processing with a high level of accuracy.
  • Listen to employees’ inquiries and responds in a timely manner based on personnel policies.
  • Summoning Foreign Employee.
  • Initiate to issue Employment VISA and Businessmen VISA as instructed by ACM.
  • Issue and renew Medical Card for all employees on a timely basis.
  • Issue, renew and update employee Contracts in coordination with ACM and following Human Resources policies prescribed ISO 9001:2008.
  • Follow up on the Personal and Companies residence renewal.
  • Forward Leave Permission and receive approval from respective department compliance with ISO 9001:2008 policies and procedures.
  • Follow up on the Employee joining procedure.
  • Keep records of the employee Leaves and termination.
  • Biweekly update of staff/manpower leave (vacation) status with expected date of availability
  • Supervise Camp boss for overseeing of camp operation and regular update of manpower availability on site
  • Coordinate with the safety office regarding any accident and its proper remedy (such as insurance, medical claims etc.)
  • Supervise legal advisor for any kind of legal issues that arises and prevent further complications
  • Supervise public relations to ensure visas are renewed on time, new visa applications are done as per approval, etc.
  • Duty hours start as normal hours (8 AM) or the latest instruction from ACM
  • Performs any other similar duties assigned by the ACM
  • Performs Yearly Training Plan arrangements.

Expected Deliverables / Accountable:

  • Receivable required numbers of manpower visas on time
  • The company runs without any legal problems/complications
  • Personnel policies and procedures are fully implemented & updated
  • Timely communication of manpower administration of runaway
  • Employees were accommodated with sufficient health care & safety
  • Manpower was trained and upgraded skills by training
  • Proper evaluation and promotion were taken place as per performance
  • All company subcontractors were within the agreement and utilized by the sites
  • Activities were conducted to maintain a higher level of motivation
  • Highlighting major ongoing complications and dynamic recommendations to be taken for effective improvement of the Human Resources management system.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma or Professional degree in the field of Human resources or equivalent.
  • Strong communication including writing and presentation skills.
  • Able to work independently and manage teamwork.
  • At least 5-10 years of relevant working experience in a managerial position.

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