Nursery Teacher (French/Arabic/Islamic Studies)

Company: Full Time Encircle Investments
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: September 13, 2023
  • Salary: QAR4,500.00 / Monthly

About the job

Nursery and early years teachers help nurture and develop the knowledge, abilities, and social skills of children from 2 months old to four years old, giving them the best possible start to their lifelong education. Early-year teaching calls for enthusiastic, imaginative, and energetic individuals capable of helping children reach their full potential. This person must be a sensitive and mature individual who can relate well to children and adults.

Directly reporting to the nursery manager and nursery coordinator in the nursery manager’s absence.

Key Responsibilities:

Develop and implement lessons, lesson plans and work schemes using the early years framework (EYFS) or any other educational model (Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Steiner/Waldorf) that encourages the physical, social, and cognitive development of each child while following the policies and philosophy of the nursery and best practice for language teaching.

  • Observe, assess, and record each child’s progress.
  • Keep records of evaluation for use in planning for the individual needs of each child. Update child’s daily progress through the nursery’s online portal.
  • Promote positive behavior from children and assist in establishing good standards of conduct throughout the nursery.
  • Manage and plan the classroom setup, environment and daily, weekly and monthly activities in accordance with the curriculum plan and in cooperation with the assigned teacher’s assistant.
  • Fully cooperate with all other team members in planning and implementation of the monthly themes, activities and special events in the nursery.
  • Maintain a positive, calm attitude and a soft voice, and encourage this attitude in others working in the classroom.
  • Ensure the health and safety of children and staff is maintained during all activities both inside and outside the nursery.
  • Answer all parents’ queries and concerns through an online portal (Brightwheel) in a timely and polite manner.
  • Build and maintain a positive, cordial, and professional relationship with parents and other team members, ensuring a high standard of conduct in the classroom and any other nursery areas.
  • Be a role model for punctuality, attendance, behavior, and dress code, and support the development of the nursery’s reputation and standing within the community.
  • Be a positive role model to others by undertaking all tasks with a positive and supportive attitude and contributing to a positive ethos for learning.
  • Keep accurate attendance records.
  • Attend staff meetings and staff training days.

Other Responsibilities and Duties

  • Responsible for planning, developing and maintaining appropriate resources, visual and teaching aid and equipment, preparing the classroom indoors and outdoors and ensuring that it is safe, clean and tidy at the start and end of each session.
  • Have a good, up-to-date working knowledge and understanding of a range of teaching methodologies, learning and behavior management strategies and know how to use and adapt them, including personalizing learning to provide opportunities for all learners to achieve their potential.
  • Adapt the program to the individual child’s needs with concern for their interests, needs, talents, and unique style and pace of learning, considering the individual child to their cultural and socio-economic background.
  • Organize and supervise play and academic-related activities (reading, cooking, music, dance).  Encourage mathematical and creative development through stories, songs, games, drawing and imaginative play. Help children develop curiosity and knowledge.
  • Treat each child with dignity and respect, helping them become aware of their role as integral members of a group.
  • Work with all other team members in the nursery and other nurseries in the group, including teaching assistants and other staff members, to plan, coordinate and execute all indoor and outdoor activities and events.
  • Participate in recommended training programs, conferences courses, and other activities that ensure professional growth. Share knowledge gained with other practitioners in the team.
  • Maintain high levels of confidentiality both in and out of the nursery.


  • Mandatory bachelor’s degree (any field), attested by all relevant authorities in Qatar.
  • Preferred Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, EYFS CACHE level 3 or 5 or related field.
  • Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related will also be considered if the candidate has a bachelor’s degree in another field.
  • Valid QID with NOC from previous employer or family sponsor.

Professional Experience

At least two years on the same level with a proven track record, preferably in Qatar.

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