Consultant (Orthopedic Surgery) – Hamad Medical Corporation

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  • Date Posted: August 23, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

Job Summary

The purpose of this role will be a senior doctor who practices in a specific specialty and has oversight responsibility for his team of junior doctors and manages other team members. The Consultant should be able to take a comprehensive view of the care pathway.

The Consultant accepts ultimate responsibility for the care of all patients admitted under his name. The Consultant is capable of independently providing high-quality patient care (diagnose, treat, manage and admit patients under his name) as delineated by his clinical privileges.

Ability to relate well to others and use interpersonal skills to achieve desired objectives, recognizing the need to represent both the clinical work and the team.

The Consultant actively contributes to the teaching and training of students and junior doctors, and to the development of his specialty through leadership, academe and research. Research is a key and integral component of the Corporation’s Strategic aim to become an Academic Health System. The post holder must be able to contribute on delivering an integrated strategic vision and planning for Clinical, Research, Education and training which improves the quality of patient care.


The consultant is responsible for organizing, monitoring, and maintaining the clinical services provided within the department in order to achieve the highest possible level of patient care with optimum utilization of the available resources.

1. Adheres to policies, guidelines, plans and programs of Hamad Medical Corporation.
2. Performs all duties assigned to a consultant physician.
3. Assumes direct responsibility for the patients under his/her medical attendance in the assigned unit.
4. Conducts rounds and undertakes supervision of treatment of the inpatients as well as screening and examination of the outpatients.
5. Undertakes supervisory responsibility for the medical staff within the unit and prepares regular reports on the activities of the unit for the department head / chairman.
6. Participates in the various committees for the upgrading of services and organization of work within and outside the hospital.
7. Participates in the planning and implementation of the department development plans and the different manpower training programs for the medical, technical and nursing staff.
8. Participates in the planning and follow up of the medical education and research activities.
9. Performs all relevant interventions related to his/her field of specialization.
10. Participates in health education programs through orientation and scientific presentations.
11. Participates in scheduling of on-call duties and provides on-call services.
12. Participates in the assessment and updating of drug, medical supply and equipment needs.
13. Writes, completes and approves medical records and reports for patients.
14. Provides guidance and counsel to other departments when requested.
15. Completes and maintains his set of clinical privileges
16. Complies with Revalidation guidelines and standards
17. Acquires SCH License to practice and maintains it while working for HMC
18. Performs other duties as assigned/directed by the chairperson / head of the department and approved by the Medical Director.
19. Ensure self and member of the Investigation Team are properly trained.
20. Compiles with the policies systems and processes in place that governs research.
21. Ensure patients are aware of their rights and responsibilities and access to research.
22. The specific details about roles and responsibilities related to each specialty can be found in their job plan which is maintained by the Department.

Essential Education:

Arab Board of Health Specializations

• USA – The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS)
• Canada – Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (RCPS-C)
• UK – GMC/CCST Specialist Register
• Germany – Fachartz Specialist Certificate
• Sweden – Swedish Board
• Australia and New Zealand – Fellowship from the Royal Australia and New Zealand Colleges
• Specialist registration from other countries will be considered after an equivalence review


Consultants with western qualifications and completed a subspecialty fellowship should have held a Consultant post for at least 1 year. While those with western qualifications but did not complete a subspecialty fellowship, a minimum period of 2 years as an Associate Consultant (as per HMC criteria) experience is required.

• Physicians who have completed a residency and fellowship program, which are both ACGME-I accredited and from HMC, may be recruited/promoted directly to a Consultant post.
• Physicians with non-western qualifications but have completed a fellowship program, should currently be in a Consultant post and have 10 years of clinical experience post specialty certification, or should be currently in an Associate Consultant post for a minimum of 2 years (as per HMC criteria). He/she must be practicing within the same specialty.
• Physicians with non-western qualifications and no fellowship will not be considered.

License to Practice:

Valid Primary license from the country of origin (if applicable) AND should be eligible for a license from the Licensing authority in the State of Qatar to practice the Healthcare Profession


Required Certification: as per essential education and must satisfy revalidation criteria


Language Skills:

Fluent in English – Oral & Written
Arabic fluency- Preferred

Computer Skills:

Proficiency in IT skills particularly in CERNER and MS Office

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