Radiology Technologist – Elegancia Healthcare

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  • Date Posted: August 23, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

Job purpose:

Radiation Safety Officer is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the safe operation of the licensee’s radiation program. They will develop, plan, coordinate and manage radiation safety programs, including the implementation of these programs. They will ensure the safety of the staff and patients.

To work as part of a multi-disciplinary team showing flexibility of shared tasks to ensure that the best quality service is provided, in a pleasant environment for both staff and patients. They will also take part in clinical work and be equipped with the skill to rapidly assess client/patient personality type and respond accordingly to relevant clinical history within time allowed for each procedure.

They will be explaining the procedure, gaining informed consent, informing, advising the client/patient-results procedure, and adapting technique as required. They will ensure that a high-quality, cost-effective service is delivered to patients and referrers.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Stops any licensed material activities that the RSO considers unsafe and secures licensed material from unauthorized access or removal.
  • Uses radiation protection procedures and controls to ensure occupational doses and doses to the public are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) as defined in DIFH. 19 Radiation Protection Policy.
  • Develops, documents, and implements a radiation protection program (RPP) that is consistent with the scope of the activities included in the license and ensures compliance with the regulations and license conditions.
  • Reviews RPP content and implementation annually with the support of the Radiation Protection advisor RPA.
  • Demonstrates by measurement or calculation that any member of the public is not likely to receive radiation exposures exceeding the regulatory limit.
  • Ensures individuals utilizing, installing, relocating, maintaining, or repairing devices producing ionizing radiation are trained and authorized by the State of Qatar license.
  • Facilitates the provision of annual refresher safety training to all radiographic personnel every 12 months.
  • Observes the performance of each radiographer months during an actual radiographic operation.
  • Facilitates the support and maintenance of a personnel monitoring program, such as thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLD), to individuals who work with Ionizing radiation.

Quality Assurance:

  • Works accurately to maintain a high standard of imaging and keeps patient waiting time to a minimum to comply with standards of quality.
  • Ensures that monitoring standards provide a high-quality service for patient care, technical performance, and reporting.
  • Participates in a Quality Assurance programme for equipment and Radiation Protection, maintaining accurate records and reporting problems to the Manager.


  • Creates and maintains good working relationships with all members of the Medical Imaging Department, working positively to develop a cohesive team.
  • Liaises with the Radiologists and produces optimal diagnostic images in all the x-ray modalities including participation on the on-call rota.
  • Participates in the departmental training programs.
  • Promotes good relations with referring clinicians, other hospital departments and outside organizations to ensure that the reputation of the Medical Imaging Department and Elegancia Healthcare group is upheld.
  • Ensures that effective booking, information, reporting and filing systems are maintained and developed.
  • Undertakes to do any tasks as designated by the Manager/Supervisors in Medical Imaging department.
  • Ensures that patient confidentiality is not breached.
  • Reports all accidents, untoward occurrences or problems to the Supervisor/Manager- Medical Imaging and record such incidents according to Hospital policy.
  • Complies with the regulations set down to ensure safety for patients, guests, and colleagues.
  • Observes the local rules pertaining to radiation protection ALARA principle for the protection of persons against ionizing radiation arising from any work activity.
  • Ensures that all necessary precautions for the protection of staff and patients are observed.
  • Attends all mandatory training in accordance with the law and hospital policy.
  • To be fully aware of the position of fire and emergency alarms, equipment, and protocol.

Risk Management:

  • Co-chairs the Radiation Safety Committee meetings with the Manager – Medical Imaging.
  • Understands Qatar National Law (31) and applies this in the radiology department.
  • Keeps accurate RSO records Personal License Cite and Establishment staff radiation License.
  • Understands ICRP recommendations, Radiation dose limits, Radiation Reduction methods, and Optimization of ionizing radiation use.
  • To be aware of Responsibilities and training, Conditions of service, Classification of areas, Local rules, and supervision of all use of ionizing radiation within The View Hospital (TVH) Medical Imaging department.
  • Works closely with the MME and third-party Radiation Safety Advisors to ensure high standards for radiation protection are upheld at TVH.
  • Coordinates TLDs structure and awareness of how to manage personal monitoring devices.
  • Supports equipment monitoring, calibrations, Quality Assurance Quality Control Tests, and Image Quality Evaluation
  • Investigates Radiation incidences and makes recommendations following RCA.
  • Disposes, returns to manufacturer or transports licensed material in accordance with all applicable requirements and obtains receipts acknowledging such activities.
  • Maintains up-to-date local licenses.


Education requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any related field, RSO qualification (Required)

Language requirements

  • English – Fluent (Required) | Arabic – Fluent (Preferred)


  • Minimum 5 years of experience (required)
  • Minimum 2 years in GCC (preferred)

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