Mechanical Field Service Engineer – Baker Hughes

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  • Date Posted: August 17, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

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Bringing Technology to life

As a Mechanical Field Service Resident Engineer you will provide advice and counsel for pre-defined maintenance activities. To the extent specified during performance of work, such service, may also include testing, adjustment, programming and other similar services as agreed upon with Headquarter Technical assistance team.

As a Mechanical Field Service Resident Engineer, you will be responsible for:

  • Handling mechanical Inspection of the gas turbines major auxiliaries as per GE recommended procedures (e.g. level] inspection, GG swap etc.)
  • Handling Pre-commissioning and commissioning of oil system, starting system, fuel gas system, air system
  • Assisting Buyer with regular reviews of maintenance activ
  • Discussing any mechanical related NICs/TILs to the Buyer; plan agreed upon implementation of any recommendations.
  • Responding to the Buyers technical inquiries utilizing GE technical support services.
  • Maintaining a documented history of all mechanical modifications for the Covered Units.
  • Supporting Buyers operation & maintenance staff with diagnostics counselling and addressing maintenance /operational issues on Covered Units.
  • Providing on-the-job training of Buyers operation & maintenance staff at no additional cost for the Buyer. For this Section, “on the job training” shall mean training performed by ME during the day-by-day activities without requirement additional resources, tool, trainers, equipment and certificate Seller.
  • Preparing in concurrence with Customer detailed work scope each agreed Outage. For each outage he/she shall indicate recommended FSEs and Manpower crews. For all Control aspects of outages Unit Control Panel Engineer that makes part of the team will advise.
  • Performing Equipment start-up, diagnostic and troubleshooting
  • Performing Water wash procedure
  • Performing lube oil and cooling water systems flushes as per recommended procedures
  • Performing Pre-commissioning and commissioning of oil system, starting system, fuel gas system, air system
  • Advising on interpretation of drawings for installation optimisation
  • Working closely with Instrumentation Engineer during the Maintenance/installation, calibration and set-up electrical instrumentation (such as vibration probes, temperature elements, servo actuators calibration, etc)
  • Marking up all piping drawings to show piping modifications
  • Unloading and Inspection of the gas turbine major auxiliaries at the installation site and their placement on the foundation
  • Performing geometric dimensional check of foundation, equipment and auxiliaries skids positioning, levelling (ensure levelness and elevations of subsole plates and perform contact checks between subsole plates and package supports) and alignment

Fuel your passionTo be successful in this role you will:

  • Have a Mechanic Engineer Degree.
  • Have more than 5 years of relevant experience.
  • Able to perform major Inspections of all HDGT & ADGT machines.
  • Able to perform Laser Alignments & Borescope inspection on all machines.

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