Swimming Pool Lifeguard

Company: Full Time International School of London
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: August 15, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

A qualified lifeguard with exceptional swimming skills, strong communication abilities, and keen situational awareness. Must possess recognized lifeguard certification, current CPR and first aid credentials. Responsible for ensuring water safety, promptly responding to emergencies, and maintaining a secure and orderly pool environment while collaborating effectively with swimming/PE teachers.


  • Qualifications:

1.1 Strong swimming skills and physical fitness.

1.2 Effective communication and situational awareness.

1.3 Problem-solving abilities and responsibility.

1.4 Valid lifeguard certification recognized in Qatar.

1.5 Current CPR and first aid certification.

  • Knowledge and Skills. He/She should:

2.1 Understands and knows when to enforce water safety rules and regulations to prevent accidents and ensures a safe environment.

2.2 Knows and follows proper emergency response protocols, including first aids techniques, CPR, AED usages and how to handle various types of water-related emergencies.

2.3 Being able to assess potential risks and hazards in the water and around the pool area.

2.4 Knows how to provide clear instructions, offer reassurance to distressed swimmers and coordinate with emergency personnel.

2.5 Knowledge of weather conditions and their potential impact on pool safety.

2.6 Understanding the proper usage of rescue equipment like buoyancy aids, life rings, backboards, and AED devices.

2.7. Proactive in giving support and collaborating with Swimming/PE teacher

  • Responsibilities. He/She should:

3.1 Monitor pool area, enforce safety rules, and respond swiftly to emergencies.

3.2 Administer first aid and CPR as needed; coordinate emergency procedures.

3.3 Interact professionally with pool users, addressing concerns and promoting safety guidelines.

3.4 Maintain pool cleanliness and equipment functionality.

3.5 Keep accurate records of pool usage, incidents, and maintenance.BenefitsSalary package – QAR 7,000Female, under family / husband Sponsorship

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