QA/QC Engineer

Company: Full Time Brunel
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: August 8, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

Under DBN PWM Project Lead, Planning and implementation of the Quality Assurance activities within the project and coordination of the project Quality Control activities implementation. Provides the necessary backup to QAQC Head of COMPANY regarding contractual issues relating to Quality both during the tender and project execution phase.

  • Planning and implementation of the Quality Assurance activities within the project and coordination of the project Quality Control activities implementation.
  • Drive, monitor and liaise with relevant entities to ensure QA/QC-related COMPANY rules, standards and procedures are implemented in the execution of the DBN PWM Project.
  • Define, organize and coordinate the Quality Surveillance of Contractors and of their main Subcontractors, organize Kick Off Meetings and Pre-Inspection Meetings and visits in coordination with the concerned DBN PWM Project Lead, and issue updated evaluations of their performance within the project.
  • Direct, advise and coordinate with CONTRACTOR QC personnel, site QC Inspectors etc. to ensure all QC deliverables are obtained.

Your Tasks

  • Ensure and promote Safety by implementing HSE rules and specifications.
  • Contribute in promoting safety culture by reporting safety observations.
  • Implement QA/QC procedures for effective Quality Management and promote the implementation of NOC policies, regulations, procedures, standards and specifications as relevant.
  • Carry out internal (DBN PWM project team) & external (CONTRACTOR – yard) audits as required and follow up corrective/preventive actions in the scope of the project.
  • Provide feedback on Quality matters within E&C Quality Department as might be required and promote anomaly reporting.
  • Manage QA/QC activities during all phases of the DBN PWM Project, by deploying QA/QC personnel where needed (overseas, onshore and offshore) and ensuring they adhere to applicable procedures.
  • Develop and implement CONTRACTORS/VENDORS and QA/QC process improvement initiatives.
  • Ensure Continuous improvement of QA/QC process, through the implementation of initiatives, findings, etc.
  • Ensure CONTRACTORS comply with the QA/QC contract exhibit requirements and implementation of their QA/QC plans.
  • Participate in technical bid evaluation in the scope of the project.
  • Participate in the establishment and implementation of Project Quality Management System documents.
  • Prepare each project own COMPANY and CONTRACTOR surveillance plans.
  • Supervise the Quality Control functions/activities of the DBN PWM Project or its parts, including Quality Control.
  • Monitor that CONTRACTOR complies with the QA/QC CONTRACT exhibit requirements and implementation of their QA/QC plans.
  • Review and approval of CONTRACTOR/VENDOR QA/QC procedures including Inspection and Test Plans, for all DBN PWM Project activities: Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication/Construction, Hook-Up and Installation, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning.
  • Ensure the availability of quality record documents and maintain QC status during all phases of the DBN PWM Project. Assess the implementation of the Quality Plan in project ensuring it’s the correct application.
  • Supervise inspections, reports and the documentation issued by inspectors, collect and file the required Quality records.
  • Review and comment/approve the Quality Manager of the CONTRACTOR in line with Exhibit Key personnel of the contract.
  • Coordinate with CONTRACTOR representatives on all QA/QC matters on worksites, including mobilization of third parties.
  • Ensure with Welding and Metallurgy TRP the qualifications of welders and NDT technicians with regard to the activities assigned.
  • Ensure that the Quality system is in place as per COMPANY requirements on CONTRACTOR’s WORKSHOP(S) and WORKSITE(S). Arrange in coordination with SITE personnel procedures, manuals and reports.
  • Systematically records the nonconformity or event reports issued and identifies appropriate corrective actions.
  • Manage and maintain DBN PWM Project KPI related to Quality matters.
  • Manage collaboration of measurement instruments and related certifications
  • Ensures that the tests, controls and inspections are carried out and that personnel have access to all required DBN PWM Project documentation.
  • Supervise the management and closure of all identified Non-Conformity. Cooperate for all the implementation of related corrective actions. Ensure with DCC the adequacy of the PROJECT’s FINAL DOCUMENTATION.
  • Proactively, report to DBN PWM Project Lead regularly.
  • Proactively identify any potential Quality failures and report to DBN PWM Project Lead as required.
  • Liaise and interface with COMPANY Quality Head on topics related to Quality.
  • Carry out any other relevant duties or tasks that may be assigned by reporting line.

Your Profile

  • Professional Experience (number of years): Around 15 years of experience associated with Quality Management in Quality Assurance and Quality Control, coordination of quality activities within Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and Start-up projects of various facilities in the Oil and Gas Industry. Jacket/Top site fabrication and offshore works experience is recommended.
  • The ability to communicate well at all levels within the Company and to demonstrate leadership. In addition, the candidate must possess very good planning, presentation, negotiation and organizational skills.
  • Familiar with, doc control tools, Technical standards referential of Company and International norms and standards for Oil and Gas.
  • Knowledge of international QA/QC standards, legislation, codes of practice, etc., audit/inspection techniques and procedures.
  • Good computer skill and ability to use relevant software.
  • Ability to work in a complex and multicultural environment.
  • Proficient in English, good leadership and communication skill.

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