Lead Planning Engineer

Company: Full Time Brunel
  • Location: Doha, Qatar View on Map
  • Date Posted: August 1, 2023
  • Salary: Negotiable

About the job

Your Tasks

  • Knowledge of Company HSE policy, rules and procedures (HSE MS) and in particular ISO14001 standard;
  • Observance of the company HSE policy, rules and procedures;
  • Participation to HSE activities and global improvement (e.g., referential, reporting, REX, audits, Maestro, training, HSE action plans);
  • Conduct safety talk meetings;
  • Demonstrate full compliance with COMPANY code of conduct regarding procurement and business integrity;
  • Contribute and promote compliance with the Group and the affiliate’s rules and procedures;
  • Follow local HSE regulations, laws, and rules, obtains necessary authorizations to operate;
  • Study the Scope Of Requirement (SOR). Clarify the scope of work with engineers;
  • Establish project contracting strategy together with the project management team;
  • Propose a realistic baseline schedule to the project manager, conduct a baseline schedule review, and highlight the critical path, constraints, and potential clashes and synergies with Drilling and Field Operation activities;
  • Get project baseline schedule sanctioned by the project manager;
  • Establish overall progress measurement template for each major project;
  • Prepare baseline S-Curve for each major project;
  • Gather and process project actual data to produce project schedule status including project overall progress, project progress trend, remaining work and forecast;
  • Perform schedule and progress analysis;
  • Prepare and issue a dashboard for selected major projects;
  • Timely highlight project schedule risks to the attention of project manager, project team members and ECP management;
  • Define contract milestones and update progress measurement procedure for each contract prior to CFT/RFQ;
  • Review the contractor’s baseline schedule, make sure that it meets contract milestones and the critical path is well identified;
  • Attend weekly meetings with contractors/suppliers for major contracts/purchase orders;
  • Review contractor’s weekly report, evaluate actual progress and contract time-performance (plan vs actual);
  • Identify with the contractor any Workfront when possible and applicable;
  • Highlight problems that could lead to late completion or late delivery;
  • In case of delay, work together with the contractor to find the root cause of the delay and assist the contractor in preparing a recovery plan;
  • Establish a good Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for each project to be performed during the offshore campaign. Prepare a list of activities for each WBS element. Work together with engineers and construction representatives to clarify battery limit between WBS elements;
  • Collect and clarify the scope of work to be performed by Field Operation during the offshore campaign;
  • Gather all technical and non-technical information that are necessary for proper planning i.e. mandatory activity sequence, preferred sequence, activity duration, resource requirement, shutdown requirement, technical constraints, etc;
  • Transfer list of activities and all other planning data to Primavera and perform scheduling and resource analysis;
  • Issue campaign planning for review, collect feedback, incorporate comments and rerun the schedule;
  • Campaign scope fine-tuning process involving resource analysis until end of Campaign;
  • A weekly update of project/RFM site activities for the 5-Week Look Ahead;
  • Monthly update project/RFM site activities for the 4 Month Planning;
  • Prepare ECP 24-Month Planning covering all projects and major RFM. Conduct internal review prior to rolling up to asset level. Handover 24 Month Planning to DEV Planning Engineer including all necessary information.

Your Profile

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Above 10 years experience in planning and in O&G;
  • Organizational/business awareness and maturity;
  • Advanced applications/ specialist applications in planning (MSP, Primavera, Pertmaster);
  • Fluent spoken and written English;
  • Good communication skill and multitasking thinking;
  • Show greater initiative and ability to solve defined problems under minimum supervision;
  • Effective time management to meet deadlines;
  • Strong technical background and ability to translate project s cope of work, requirements, and constraints into planning;
  • Recognized level of expertise in planning activities.

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